Warm New Year and Christmas frosty

December 31 will grow cold: thermometers show minus 8 — 10 degrees.

"Day on the last day of the old year, we forecast the movement of the warm front, snow, blizzard — minus 3 to 5 degrees. New Year's Eve — from minus 5 to 7-10," — said the director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

The future holidays in the capital will be relatively warm: the day temperature rises to zero degrees. But on Christmas Eve will likely hit on frost.

"After the sixth of January will be a decrease in temperature at night, minus 5.10, slightly above the day" — said Vilfand.

Daytime temperatures, according to the head meteorologist, will be about minus 3-4 degrees.

Meanwhile, the capital communal hard cope with the consequences of sharp warming. According to the deputy mayor of the city on Friday for Housing and Public Works Pyotr Biryukov, the cleaning of roads to date involved 15,000 pieces of equipment, 12 units of state and the rest from other units. He also added that all work snegoplavilnye items that can process about 550,000 cubic meters of snow per day.

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