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At Castle Square in Warsaw on Tuesday Rally, whose members remind passers-by about the events that took place in Belarus on December 19 and the next 100 days.

Castle Square in Warsaw is traditionally a venue for a variety of pickets, demonstrations and happenings. Several dozen Belarusian white-red-white flags made it a kind of corridor with large images that illustrate what is happening in Belarus 100 days ago — the day of the presidential election.

That's right — "100 black days" — called the action organized by Information Office of solidarity with the democratic Belarus led by journalist Yulia Slutskaya.

According to participants, the events primarily in Africa, in a sense, took note of the civilized Western world on what's going on in Belarus. After making the corridor of the big shots and handing out leaflets with information about events in Belarus, local Belarusians would like to remind Poles that took place in Belarus, 100 days ago what's going on Now.

On Last week throughout Poland was an unprecedented wave of solidarity with Belarus. It's been a variety of events, performances and concerts, and summarizing has become a big concert in Warsaw "Solidarity with Belarus" on Sunday.


Warsaw, Solidarity Action

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