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In 1958 he published the book "Mysterious objects in the sky," the Frenchman Aimé Michel, ufologist which aims at constructing map projections visits by aliens. The researcher was surprised by his discovery: collecting daily reports of UFO sightings, he found that geographically, in terms of appearance of unidentified flying objects are subject to a clear pattern. It is from this region that receives the news of the observation of the object only of those communities (or uninhabited) items that are on the same line.

This straight line is parallel to the meridian (or at the very meridian). The same thing may happen with respect to the lines parallel of latitude. It is, of course, not on the flight of the same object, and the emergence of different shape, size, etc. UFOs. Moreover, if the UFO place with deviations from this line, all the "retreat" evolved in a different line. And she defended from the first level to 33 nautical miles.

Opening Michel decided to recheck Lavier Raymond and Charles Harry. By the way, it was necessary to find out the origin of Raymond Lavier: perhaps it was the ancestor of the same Lavier, who was three hundred years ago visited by aliens? ..

One evening, May 29, 1671 a farmer from Toulouse Raymond Lavier observed unusual "coach" in his vineyard. Jumping out of the house with an ax, he decided to part with the attackers, but he saw the whole entire object! The carriage that was not at all similar. Even in the dark, weird tiered circular tent light! .. However, this is still not diminish disturbance Reymond: the owner moved decisively to the "tent" in the garden.

He had no time to do anything: the object took off and at first slowly moved towards Toulouse, and then suddenly, like a flash of goodbye, immediately disappeared. The farmer went to the vines, which were, of course, broken. Earth to the point where there was just an object, remained warm …

As it turns out, Raymond indignant reason: in that year, not really a nice crop of grapes, Lavier collected, according to sources, ten against the usual crop. And even then this successful year for him continued: Vineyards Lavier, which soon became a legend to walk in a short time is stretched along the coast, and his descendants to the revolution owned several large restaurant in Paris, and even sat in the parliament …

But the story is three hundred years ago. And today Lavier Raymond and Charles Garreau checked data Aimé Michel. It turned out that all of France can be divided into a square grid with sides of 33 miles. UFO observed on these lines — both vertically located on the map as well as horizontally. They compared their building to other regions of the Earth. And it turned out that the chosen randomly southern hemisphere objects studied UFOs with a surprising regularity. What is it?

The impression was that the unidentified flying objects fly around the planet for square, inspecting it for about the same as you or apartment when necessary thing lost (such as keys) and just can not find. This seems not only reasonable action, but also for research. And this reminds zavoevyvaniya quiet way of living space: study — recorded — appropriated. About what was done the first prospectors in Alaska. Or in Siberia.

The second option is, of course, seems like more. And it is consistent with the theory of space expansion, adopted by many researchers.

The famous writer and director of many popular documentaries Solomon Shulman in his book "The aliens over Russia" in 1980, bringing to the reader that theory, he adheres to a different version: on the contrary, the more advanced civilization, the less it requires living space its existence (per capita, of course!). However, we use his quote that S.Shulman results from the same lecture, once banned. Its author — Soviet UFO V.Azhazha:

"… Somewhere in the world there are abandoned mines. Moreover idea is that these mines have been developed in some unearthly way. Secondary products — lava — used as a primary (that was mined) disposed of carefully so that it is unclear what mined. We, humans, this does not happen. in one district in South America at that mine is working expedition, headed by an American astronaut Armstrong. participate in it as von Daniken. This expedition was working on the same problem, looking for traces of "aliens" from outer space. Data on this expedition yet.

The fact that many of these works are carried out one "hood" of war ministries of different countries and secret. "Seems information for those wishing to aliens once visited our Mother Earth, the most positive, the most optimistic. Though, of course, I'm sorry our resources — no matter what, we still hunted …

But here is where the have to add in the ointment fly in the ointment. First, once South America was an area of interest advanced civilization of Atlantis (you can call it, and in Plato's, and in the language of the Incas or Aboriginal Oceania — are not changed). All suspicious mines and mines may well be the product of the activities of this powerful civilization. And the fact that raw materials mined disposed of with a degree of quality that we are on the "tails" can not judge the product production, only proves that we have yet to learn the Atlanteans and learn.

In addition, if the mission of the aliens in those early days for us was not a civilizing, and their visit is pure expansion, swept aside a clear tendency towards civilizing alien because it contradicts a pronounced example of robbery (fossil for their own purposes). Although, of course, if you follow the logic of our mercantile time for enlonavtami can suspect anything …

Most likely, we do not know their own history, and the answer must be sought among the peoples of the earth, even extinct. Now about "squaring flights" UFO. We can assume that the aircraft enlonavtov 33 nautical miles needed to provide an overview of the entire square. And, not to "make a mistake", two or three neighbors — from west to east and from south to north (you and vice versa, as you like). But there is a contradiction of a different order.

This conclusion is a breakdown of the Earth to "squares" and tedious to follow this principle for decades (at least, for example, only in the XX century) suggests, first, on the idea that civilization long UFO pilots froze obdurate and they do not turn the brain to ease their own task to "study" of the planet at least in order to expand guess "review" of a single UFO.

This is contrary to the statistics and observations: it provides us with an incredible variety of shapes and sizes of UFOs, and therefore, their challenges and opportunities. It would be hard to imagine that the shape of a ship for them really meant nothing: in fact, there is something for the pilots the ability to change the shape of the same ship. Or they work in tens of thousands of years once routine basis?

Even different sizes of ships would have to dictate a different type equipment that is installed on them. Although, of course, there are two noteworthy observations on which I would like to be distracted.

In one of the novels by Alexander Belyaev hero falls into hibernation, and then it "thawed" only at the end of XX century. And what does he see? Huge house just unimaginable dimensions giant airships, flying through the sky … and so on. The novel was written in 1929.

Another example. In the 1960's on our screens was successfully co-production of the GDR and Yugoslavia "Chingachgook — Great Serpent." There's an Indian report to their leader that he had seen "white", "two animals, each animal — two tail" … Do not believe the chief of his agent was not warranted. He thinks (and we are talking about the elephant figurines). And proclaims: "These pale-faced and may be even more strange beasts who have not two, but four of the tail!"

And in either case entered into the same approach to the unusual, the principle of imagination. Fantastic world of the future for the writer, a subordinate of totalitarian ideology, or "wild animals" for the leader — a man very far from stupid! — Is simply to increase the size or the number of tails. Unfortunately, the issue of UFOs, we resort to the same method of analysis. The answer may be contained even in, say, other interests enlonavtov that we can not come to our earthly head, because our civilization was not yet ready. Or alien to them (and they are — to us) way of thinking. Each judge with his bell.

A.Belyaevu not occur to him that the end of the XX century airships as a means of transportation does wither away. A leader kamancha top fantasy seems simple arithmetic doubling the number of tails … We, of course, understand that the leader of the greatest curiosity seems beast, for example, with the eleven (!) Tails, and therefore openly laugh at him. And yourself? ..

We think that UFOs are examined Earth. And that her survey, then, if they also have long since developed the mines? So, the Earth tens of thousands of years ago, they have been inspected. Or not by them but by someone else? Maybe it's on us loitering their patrols? Guards, tracking, for example, the order? Why have not they patrol the Earth every day?

The same level docked our idea that, for example, on Lake Onega UFO took the car from the bank of land as a sample … And how many scientists were involved, how many people cut off from everyday life (perhaps more useful) things! ..

Would not that simply move along magnetic lines of the Earth UFOs easier than sideways or anyhow? Or just across the magnetic field lines (the case with parallels). After all poultry flocks and individual birds during flights safely use this invisible grid coordinates ground. And do not go astray. And at those speeds, which are known to us at the unidentified flying objects, the reason to fly along the lines (or across) to the destination. And only then, in the box to fly at will …

There geoenergeticheskaya theory, which adhere to, and enjoy, the opponents that UFOs do exist. It is very clear. Tectonic activity of groundwater leads to the release in the individual (usually called in our language, abnormal, and is in fact quite natural) points or land geoenergii, which specially transformed, and can, in the "pure" form affects the psyche person, causing a steady number of identical for all observers hallucinations. That is: the energy is, the vision is, and that's no UFOs do not exist!

It is hard to object to this. Many atheists before you reject God, first fervently believe in him. They say the most ardent revolutionaries out of the seminarians. Rejected only because it is necessary (and why else? Does the presence or absence of personal interest UFO UFO opponents? Then it proves is the opposite of what they wanted: it means that there is still) not very correct position.

However, we know many people are not enemies, but, say the skeptics, who have been strong supporters of UFOs, and later even UFO …

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