Weather Center promises to heat in the first days of July in central Russia

The first days of July, in the central regions of European Russia are very warm, some days the temperature will reach the 30-degree mark, soobschaetGidromettsentr Russia.

"Calculations of hydrodynamic models of medium is adjusted to warm the beginning of July," — said in a statement.

The heat comes from the subtropical air that will bring Atlantic cyclone. Though the night of July 1 in the CFD will be relatively cold — the temperature in the morning may drop to 5-10 degrees, but the day will warm up to 20-25 degrees. On Monday, the temperature in the central region will rise to 22-28 degrees, and on Tuesday and Wednesday, the heat will increase, possible rain.

"In most of the region relative humidity will be low, though daytime heating can sometimes trigger the development of individual cumulonimbus clouds that poured in small brief showers" — said the weather service.

As expected, the day the thermometer will show 25-30 degrees. Because of the proximity of sedentary cyclone over the South West region will sometimes intermittent rain and thunderstorms.

"According to preliminary estimates, the weather will not change on Thursday and Friday, but the weekend will be cooler, thermometer readings will return to normal: at night will be around 10-15 degrees at night, 19-25 degrees. Reach short rains" — concludes the Weather Center .

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