Weather forecasters promise Belarusians snow by weeks end

According to the National Hydrometeorological, by the end of the week the weather conditions in Belarus noticeably worse. Closer to the weekend, experts predict precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow, which would cause a deep Atlantic cyclone.

On Wednesday, April 6, under the influence of atmospheric fronts, shifting from Scandinavia, in places at night and during the day mainly on the north-western part of Belarus will be sunny. "At night and in the morning in some areas formed fog. Moderate westerly wind, in the afternoon sometimes choppy. Minimum air temperature at night -1 .. +5 ° C, maximum day +8 .. +14 ° C, on the south-west up to +16 ° C "- said Belgidromettsentr.

According Belgidrometa, further falls in the territory of Belarus circulation of deep Atlantic cyclone.

"On Thursday, April 7, the cyclonic vortex, moving from Sweden to the south of Finland, will provide our country a rainy and windy weather. Day in parts of Heavy Rain, in the western part of the republic is expected a strong gusty wind. Thermometers show night +3 .. + 9 ° C at night and +10 .. +15 ° C, in the south of Brest and Gomel regions up to +18 ° C ", — stated in the Synoptics.

"On Friday, April 8, rainy cyclone will move on the Tver region of Russia and Belarus will be in his cold rear. Night air cooled to 0 .. +5 ° C during the day is not expected above +3 .. +10 ° C at times will fall precipitation in the form of rain and sleet. in many parts of the country expected strong gusty northwest wind "- told the experts.

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