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Question of the week:

Will there be a month ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi?

Meet the experts:

Vadim Hyginus, Editor of "The Belarusian opinion": During the month rather hold out, because time is working for him. The more is the intervention of Western countries against Libya, the more the solidarity of the Arab countries — that's obvious. Recent developments in Cairo, where demonstrators were attacked by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, confirms this.

USA concede a leadership role among Western countries, NATO does not have a unified plan of action. France announced the possibility of a ceasefire.
Gaddafi retains control over Trypalitaniyay and Feyzanam — this is the main part of the country, there is no reason to expect a worsening of the situation. Military remain loyal to the regime, and unless something extraordinary happens, Gaddafi's power to keep. The pressure is only possible when the ground operation will start and ground operation without further UN Security Council resolution will not be carried out. A Security Council resolution in less than a month will not be accepted.

Arkady Dubnov, columnist Russian service of Radio Liberty: I believe he will lose power for a month, the only question is, under what conditions: that happens on the script or contractual Ceausescu scenario, where in exchange for exemption from prosecution and the preservation of financial holdings abroad, he will be allowed to leave the country with the assistance of international mediators, which suggests a role for Russia.

If there was no impact of the Western coalition and the UN Security Council, which preceded them, it could be assumed that Gaddafi endure. But it is improbable that Obama together with Sarkozy, Cameron and Berlusconi have washed even shame and helplessness before Colonel Gaddafi. They somehow will bring Gaddafi to physical or legal destruction as a leader.

Denis Melyantsou, expert of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies: I'm inclined to believe that during the month of Gaddafi would leave power. Although it depends on the commitment of the coalition — have decided they lose it. While I was a determination to see it. I believe that the energy of the international coalition and the rebels will lead to the departure of Gaddafi. He crossed the line beyond which it has no political future.

The funds that are in the coalition, I mean the air campaign and the use of precision weapons, allow either physically eliminate Gaddafi or force him to surrender. All the question — is there enough political will intensively continue the operation. A debate, or use special forces to kill Gaddafi. If this operation is carried out, the answer is obvious.

Responsible Komarovka:

Youth"I think that's forty years already sitting — people sick. Anything will do so."

Mrs."I think so. Indeed, people … Well, look — all the excitement going. People have suffered."

Mr."I think, unfortunately, will be. But — unfortunately, because I think that's such a strong interference in another country — it is in any gate not climbing. But, if we leaned the whole world and all the devotees, although all supposedly loved him … I'm not that fan of his, but when I see how in his tent, in the same Paris labyzayutstsa, and then betray … But probably not yet crossings — would be to Unfortunately, the reset. "

Mrs."I think so. Indeed, whatever he was Colonel Gaddafi's smart, rich, and there is something else — it is much more powerful to resist the state with a lot of equipment and resources."

Youth"I think that it is — not the weak force him to confront. I mean the United States, Britain, France — are very serious, especially the United States."

Youth"I hope so. As I understand, according to the news. Situation there is so catastrophic — especially for the Libyan people, that perhaps the time has come when something needs to be changed. And, of course, first of all it is necessary to change the order Who is to blame for the fact that the country and the people in such a catastrophic state. Therefore, the faster it will happen — the better it is for the country, for the people, for the region as a whole. "

Mr."Yes — definitely. And here we are, not only on foreign aid — see themselves as Libyans are struggling. And it means something. Even if now he has won, it is not a long time."

Girl"I'm not very particular about the developments, but many historical examples of dictators ended in failure. I think that this case is no exception."

Youth"I think so. When he brought the situation to the fact that the leaders of the most powerful nations of the world had had enough, and they decided to intervene militarily, the choices he has gone."

Mrs."Yes. I think that it is waiting for the fate of Saddam Hussein.

Will there be a month ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi?

Weather experts:

Yes — 2

No — 1

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