Weird maneuvers on the roads, Opuk

Strange maneuvers on the roads, "Opuk"

The Black Sea Fleet fulfills amphibious operations, but Georgia is not to blame

On September 29, the Black Sea Fleet began major exercises, which are participating in a 2-10-s ships, namely, huge amphibious ships, "Nicholas Phylchenkov", "Saratov", "Novocherkassk", "Caesar Kunikov" missile hovercraft "Simoom" and "Bora", a large anti-submarine ship "Kerch", frigate "inquisitive", a small anti-submarine and mine-sweeping ships.

In the center of the maneuvers — practicing landing operations on unequipped coast of the enemy. Training and combat scenes unfold in marine areas Novorossiisk naval base and the ground "Opuk" in the Crimea.

The training will last until October 5.

Georgia has already heard the frightened comments on the preparation of the Russian Federation to the newcomer, "forcing the country to the world." As they are due? This was our reporter spoke with a professional data center "Weapons of XXI century" captain of the first rank Alexey Portnov.

— These maneuvers really like practicing "pacification" of Georgia?

— No, of course. In 1-x, very large forces involved for a "small" Georgia. In-2, landing forces to Russian Navy, as, in general, and the Navy, is not prepared in connection with its southern neighbor.

— Why do you think so?

— Immediately September 29 similar exercises in which also involved more than 20 ships and support vessels, began in the Baltic Fleet. As part of these maneuvers have been conducted amphibious landing at the site Khmelevka. But what is Georgia?

Do not have any work to it and exercise to test the airborne landing operations forces, which are held in the near future is quite active. Also training of junior officers and enlisted personnel of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation to the United States.

— What do these facts, in your opinion, are relevant?

— Some experts believe that the Army and Navy of the Russian Federation are trying to build a system of international expeditionary force of the United States, there is a perceptible retraction of Russian troops in the military solution to the problems of American interests in every corner of the globe. Hence, by the way, and the slope of the expedition in the rearmament of the army and navy.

Strange maneuvers on the roads, "Opuk"

Large landing ship "Caesar Kunikov"

— Valid. But as far as the Black Sea Fleet, it seems, in general, not rearmed. Or was there preparing for landing operations oceanic scale?

— Indeed, if you look at what is happening to the Black Sea Fleet from the standpoint of the defense of the country, the case — rubbish. In any case, the submarine forces of the Black Sea Fleet has already been destroyed. After the cancellation of the "Saint of Prince George," we in the Black Sea of the 30 submarines that existed in 1991, there is only one B-871 "Alrosa". It is worth mentioning that only the adjacent Turkey has 13 most advanced German submarines built. And there are submarines and Bulgaria, and Romania. We then found ourselves in a weak position, the most Black Sea countries.

Things are no better with surface ships. We in the Black Sea Fleet of the impact forces were only missile cruiser "Moskva" (the last "Glory"), built in 1979, a huge anti-submarine ships "Kerch" and "Ochakov", built in the middle of the 70-ies of the last century. Patrol ships "Sharp-witted", "OK" and "inquisitive", built in the late 70's. After the cancellation of a planned "Ochakova" and "Kerch" on the Black Sea Fleet is only one ship of the first rank — the flagship missile cruiser "Moskva". Well, what the press have got reports that he soon will be given the Pacific Fleet.

But the Black Sea Fleet created and maintained a powerful group of large amphibious ships within 7 units. It is planned that will also be included here (after the purchase from France) amphibious assault ship of the "Mistral", which is to defend the Russian coast is not needed, but is designed for operations far from home shores.

— But it alone for himself landing craft — easy targets when performing amphibious operations without severe escort?

— Yes. But on the days of Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky said the Russian Black Sea Fleet since 2013, will be replenished once a year by one — with 2 ships of Project 1135. By 2015, "the Black Sea Fleet should be more than 5 ships of this project," — said the commander in chief. And this is the frigate capable of providing outposts amphibious assault warrant.

— If the Black Sea fleet is scheduled to be included in the zone of interests of the U.S., then it is absolutely illogical squeezing it out of the Crimea, is not it?

— Its no one pushes. There is a noise only, but in fact 70 percent of the entire infrastructure of Russian Black Sea Fleet is on the terrain of the Crimea. 14000th personnel of the fleet is located in three Fri-based: in Sebastopol (Sevastopol Bay, South, quarantine, Cossack), Feodosia and temporarily in Nikolayev, where there is a Russian construction and repair of ships.

And disavowed the statement of the former Office of Ukraine to expel Russian Fleet from Sevastopol. As you know, in April 2010, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced the latest position that the stationing of the Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea, Russian Federation assumes no danger of Ukraine, which is read as "orange" government in Ukraine. However, the new Ukrainian administration raises the rent for the basing, but that's another story. Everything else is in line, without departing from the scope of American interests, which we read as above. So Georgia, in my opinion, nothing to worry about. Quickly, we should worry about, not to be in the role of those who drags the U.S. chestnuts out of the fire. In any case, military training fleets and armies must take place in the plane of the challenges posed by the defense of their country, not the interests of the overseas uncle.

From the file:

Ukrainian authorities have not once stated intent to raise the rent for the Russian Navy, including Viktor Yanukovych, who personally argued for its improvement. Some politicians urged to raise the rent by 18 times!

Our homeland is paying for the lease of the Sevastopol base of 78 million dollars a year, with no currency, and on account of Ukrainian gas debt, which amounts to 2.3 billion

It is worth mentioning that all the bases in the Crimea were built in Russia for centuries. Ukraine claims to possess them came only after the destruction of the USSR. In this case, since August 1992 the Black Sea Fleet has existed as a combined fleet of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, for ships and vessels which were to have a single Navy flag Black Sea Fleet. June 12, 1997 on the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet raised the historic St.
Andrew's flag.

According to bilateral agreements on the temporary (until May 28, 2017), Black Sea Fleet (BSF) of Russia in Ukraine from 1995 and 1997, based on the combined Black Sea Fleet were made fleet Russian and Ukrainian Navy with separate basing on the territory of Ukraine.

According to the Agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation concerning the status and criteria for the Black Sea Fleet Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, Ukrainian territorial waters and on land may be grouping Russian ships and vessels of up to 388 units (out of 14 diesel submarines underwater). On leased airfields in Guards and Sevastopol (Kacha) can be placed 161 aircraft. It is fully comparable with the power of naval group in Turkey.

But our homeland in the Crimea contains significantly less power than indicated in the criteria of the lease. There are about 20 warships. Well, those decreases. Not so long ago it was reported that a large anti-submarine ship (BPK) "Ochakov" and diesel submarine B-380 "St. Prince George" began preparations for the write-off and liquidation. The next step — BOD "Kerch" hospital ship "Yenisei" maritime transport "Turgay" cable ship "Syetun" and the maritime transport of weapons, "General Ryabikov."

Submarines here is 14 times less than the contract.

At aerodromes Kacha and Guards are based only 20 Su-24M and Su-24MR, AN-26, and up to 10 Ka-27 helicopters, in other words, 5 times less than the specified criteria lease.

In other words, the means to pay, and in full force is not used.

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