Welcome, gentlemen, aliens! Are you ready for this, gentlemen earthlings?

"… And finally, the most controversial topic of discussion — the existence of extraterrestrial life. Many world leaders have repeatedly made statements about the existence of extraterrestrials. So in December 2012, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, in an interview with reporters joked on the existence of aliens," How them to us, I will not tell, because it can cause panic. "But the interest in the topic of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is not over, as evidenced by the corresponding discussion in the agenda of the forum in Davos.

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Forum experts agree that, as a result of space exploration ultimately mankind discovers the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and open up new planets. "Perhaps in ten years, we learn that the Earth — not the only planet of the universe, wherein there is life," — said the forum participants.

As a result, experts urge the international community to prepare for a meeting with an extraterrestrial civilization, and to assess the likely threat of such a meeting. Also be necessary to create special services for the detection of extraterrestrial life vneplanetnyh and to help prevent the threat from space. However, experts agree that even if an extraterrestrial civilization would be found, that's not really change a person's life. Despite the fact that this discovery will be a sensation of the year, it is unlikely to immediately affect life on Earth. But in the long term, such openness to change the psychological and philosophical consciousness. "Even the discovery of the possible germ of life on another planet, will talk about the possible existence of life in the universe, which in turn would undermine the foundations of philosophy and religion," the expert forum "(from the media).

"The whole of humanity, do not some stupid lizards, snails are not any, and humanity. Whole world, the whole story … And you were the wars and revolutions? What do you have first been — steam or electricity? And what you the meaning of life? How many languages you? And you can take anything you read? First experience of comparative history of mankind … " (A. and B. Strugatsky, "Well-planet").

"- … It is a precedent under which we will build our future relationship with the aliens from outer space. And you, the representatives of public opinion, has a crucial role in the establishment of these relations, you and only you get to reap the benefits, or union with other civilizations, or to shoulder all the horrors of an alien invasion. And let me tell you, the fruits of union may be very small, while the horrors of the intervention beyond measure "(Eric Frank Russell," certificate ").

1. At first I could not believe my eyes. Still, the problem of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, where the last two centuries were engaged exclusively science fiction writers (and only occasionally — scientists) suddenly became a subject of discussion in Davos! I even suspected was that the experts at the World Economic Forum's good fun at a banquet, and then, without a hangover, take a hot discuss life in the universe, the invasion of aliens from outer space and the creation of specialized services for the identification of aliens (not "men in black" , not the operatives COMCON-2, to the Monitoring Committee, like the Strugatsky) and other fantastic garbage. And have all this garbage to the protocols. But, on reflection, I tempered his sarcasm. And to think that all this — on purpose. If at a purely pragmatic action as the Davos Economic Forum, began talking about aliens from outer space … Hard to believe that so many sober and matter-of-fact people who are burdened by the same big money, suddenly detached from reality and attended extraterrestrial … So — what?

Personally, I have a problem contact with extraterrestrial civilizations are interested in childhood — from the very first science fiction books. I always eagerly read what others say about it. Then I began to express myself on this topic. The lion's share of my journalistic materials, published in the pages of "Echo", is devoted to contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, different aspects of the issue. About a third of my fantastic prose dedicated to the same. But here I will try to maximize focus and rethink and analyze the information.

So either this is a joke or not. If this is a joke — it is very, very unfortunate. Mankind has shaken many wars and revolutions, humanity is experiencing all kinds of crises that humanity has just survived the failed end of the world on the Mayan calendar … Add to all this the possibility of contact with aliens, contact, and the results very, very vague — just sadism. We are quite enough real worries to break even over the head fictional. But if this is not a joke …

…But if this is not a joke, and experts say it is serious, and then I see two options. Either we will have contact with vsamdelishny aliens, or else all the talk about aliens from outer space — special fabrication experts. And this is done in order to distract the masses from thinking about the economic, environmental, moral, and other crises. Indeed, if you are expecting guests with fear from the sky, from which you do not know what to expect (or expect any dirty tricks), it will be something less to think about the recession, unemployment, and impending famine, pollution, crime, problems of sexual minorities and civil war in Syria.

Furthermore, the threat from space, common to humanity as a whole, for each and everyone, regardless of social status, place of residence, religion, race, may well unite humanity, do not you? And if the real threat is not from outer space — it should come up! And then humanity in the near future, expect a grand hoax (if not fraud), designed by the best experts, announced the best journalists commented on the best scientists and delivered the best directors with the latest special effects.

So either this is fiction or truth. If a fiction — that we will mystify false threat from outer space, to distract from the pressing problems and to somehow unite. But if it's true …

…If this is true, and then I see two options. Or experts know something, or do not know, but something guess. In the first case, I conclude that the aliens have long been present in our world, secretly made contact with the governments of the most developed countries, secretly communicate with our scientists what some knowledge or technology, and aliens disguised agents has long lived among the people. In this case, contact, as the event has already taken place, and governments will only have to put all of us face the fact metered squeezing information for the general population — a graduated, so as not to cause mass panic and outbreaks of xenophobia. However, if the experts decide to do otherwise, the information for us to fall out in a crowd, as out of the bag. Today, mass human psychology is in such a condition that can easily accept any, even the most incredible news in any dose.

…but if I am wrong and no contact has yet been, then it remains to this conclusion: the experts do not know for sure, but the amount of circumstantial evidence allows them to believe that aliens visit — or motivation — not far off. Then opens a wide scope for all kinds of hypotheses, theories, assumptions, inferences, and speculation. For in this case, we know that we are about to someone you please, but do not know exactly who, where, in what form, for what purpose and how.

2. Let's think logically. In the foreseeable future contact with the Earthlings extraterrestrial civilizations may be the case if: a) the aliens land on Earth and meet with us, and b) if the Earth astronauts land on another planet, such as Mars, and met with the aliens (not necessarily Martians) and c) if we meet them in space (for example, if an alien ship will dock with the ISS, International Space Station).

Option b) seems to me the most likely. Due to the high cost of the projects, manned missions to the moon will not soon take place, and the expedition to Mars — and that later. In addition, the moon — is a dead world, and on Mars, no signs of life were found (unless NASA specialists something from us not hide.) It is true that our astronauts on the moon can meet intelligent beings from another galaxy, had organized on our natural satellite bases, and on Mars — just the same creatures from another galaxy, exploring Mars lifeless … but the probability of this is low. Although, if I was an alien who study Earth, that would suit their observatories and scientific bases on the moon is, mostly — on the reverse side. So what? And in the eyes does not really strike, and a stone's throw from the Earth, and people here do not hurt something to hang on …

I think a more likely option). If we are intelligent creatures from the depths of the universe has come a long road and the approach to the planet, they are above all pay attention to the space station and will come into contact with their crews. Indeed, the presence of orbital stations show no matter what, the "advancement" of the local civilization, and cosmonauts for aliens — not just the natives, and prepared and the most suitable for an individual contact. True, my sin — I'm trying to think of aliens and give them human logic. Maybe they think otherwise! Moreover, even from a position of any human logic space station, hang out in orbit, can be considered an armed guard designed to protect the Earth as time from any space aliens …

But the option a), in my opinion, the most probable. Where members of a highly developed alien civilization exploring Space (though steadily, though at random, at random), then sooner or later they will run into the Earth. And it can happen at any time — for example, tomorrow. Or the day after. Maybe it's happening right now (although many experts believe that aliens from outer space have visited Earth in the distant past, and communicated with our semi-wild ancestors, training their wits, it is called paleocontacts).

Once again try to reason logically. The aliens have arrived on Earth from space of the abyss, can be life-like creatures, and what some robots, launched into space to gather information on the inhabited planets and taking different samples from them. Robots will behave more or less straightforward, it may be that they do not recognize people for sentient beings, and contact with these machines will be difficult to impossible (try to agree on anything with the machine programmed to catch butterflies and herbarium collection, but still manage to prove to her that you're not a camel). Next. Aliens get to Earth, may behave differently. They will either investigate the planet and us secretly, or come into contact with a very small circle of chosen humans (not necessarily with the presidents or kings — they can choose to contact scientists and writers, and sometimes even children!), Or else will land as open, making fact svogo visit the province of all mankind.

In the first case, the alien visitors, being accidentally discovered to cause people probably involuntary hatred — as exposed by enemy spies. In the second case, the alien visitors inspire people most likely, suspicion and anger — and how someone whispering behind our backs with a handful of favorites … what? Yes, how to fool everyone else! In the third case, the aliens, openly and fearlessly landed on its huge ships in the glittering capitals of all the countries of the world, may result in the general population giant psychological shock, surprise, and certainly a subconscious fear — fear of the power of outsiders.

Next. It is extremely important, as the aliens would react to us. In its simplest form it is: peace or war? They come to us to establish trade and cultural ties, or to conquer us by force of their weapons? There are options: they come to us as missionaries, carrying us, unreasonable, a new religion, they come to us as researchers, and we'll just have to study the subject, nothing more, and they will come to us as reformers and drastically change our society and ourselves in some unknown purposes … It may be that they do not pay any attention to us, and will be responsible for our plants and animals — ants, swallows, cacti … Finally, the difference in our world views and attitudes can be so great that we simply fail to understand what they want from us … What do you want? Space is great! Space is incredibly great!

And if we talk about the war — that they may have needed? Territory? Well, suppose they messed up our planet to the point of extreme, or there are too many, and that they moved into space in search of suitable planets … Possible. territory — it is in space and territory. Natural resources? But how do we know what people value the distant planet ABC? This we desperately needed gold and hydrocarbons, and they may be, need quite different. It's killing would be if the highest value for them will be our poetry, or, say, our dreams … Maybe they will use us earthlings as food? My dear soplanetnikov, this seems savagery and crime? And unless we do not eat the meat of animals that are fattened first, then mercilessly hammered?

And unless we do not eat their own kind (the last time this deal is not alone with the Papuans of New Guinea …)? Maybe they need slaves? Or experimental stuff? God knows, I say, that they may then be necessary! It may be that we will be one thousand one hundred and twenty второй habitable planet on their way, and they will move on, leaving the world a few scientific bases or colonies, and boredom will look at us … Maybe they do a different physiology, and researchers will have to live under the dome, and among us walk around in suits … Oh, my head is spinning! Wise and fair teachers and assistants from a distant star to visit us, or cruel alien conquerors and slavers? Or anyone else, to indicate that we do that there is no concepts or words? Wait and see. And God forbid we distinguish friends from enemies, and to resist the enemy, and even more so — in front of your friends …

It may be objected: intelligent beings who are able to overcome this distance, technically are much higher than us and, therefore, must be of high moral standards. And so, there is nothing to fear, they can not be bad thoughts toward us … Well, the fact that they are superior to us technically — I would agree only half. On the one hand, if they were able to build any starships pierces space — honor and praise, respect and uvazhuha. On the other hand, technically they may be about at our level, they just lucky, maybe find some "wormholes", they are a "black hole", and use them.

And as for morality … I do not agree at all. Not the fact that the technological revolution must necessarily lead to an improvement of morals. Our own history is littered with cases where it is technically developed nations behave like dirt. Recall, for example, the Nazis, with their excellent technique to destroy the people. Or the Americans with their atomic bomb … And we ourselves — if tomorrow or the next day learn how to use the gifts of nature in the form of a "wormhole" that some Mujahideen, neo-Nazis, or simply gangsters will be able to reach in a flash area of Sirius, Pollux, Deneb or Betelgeuse … How they will behave in strange worlds — to explain, I think not … Morality — it is, you know, or lags behind technological progress, or not at all associated with him.

I mentioned above that it is essential, as space aliens would react to us. But equally important is how we will treat it. Let's try to stretch the imagination and imagine might look like the hypothetical aliens.

Assume that they are an exact replica of us humans. Like us like two drops of water. Cute kid and girls. Well, maybe someone will have a blue or green skin. Does this mean that between us, so similar, established peace, friendship? Not a fact. How humans relate to their odnoplanetnikam with red, yellow or black in color, is well known. Sometimes the color of the skin for us does not really matter — the ones the Nazis, for example, destroyed the Slavs, Poles, Jews, that is, people of the same with them, Caucasian. Religion, by the way, there is also no special role. Crusaders famously cut Saracens and Saracens — the Crusaders, but also famously French Catholics slaughtered and tortured French Huguenot, in Syria and in Egypt now Muslims kill Muslims … What the hell!

Now assume that aliens from outer space just anthropomorphic. Well, in general, similar to humans, but — three-meter height, striped painted and have six fingers and toes. Or normal growth, but totally bald, with three eyes and a cutting horn plates instead of teeth. How — to throw you cuddle with brothers in mind? People may perceive as alien monsters, and we, alas, we know how to relate to the human society, freaks and people with disabilities … Imagine further that the aliens in addition — hermaphrodites, or that they have three or four floors, or that they bud as jellyfish … how would this in our society, the affected banal homophobia?

Even more difficult when the aliens will be very different from humans. It is here, on Earth, the basis for the emergence of intelligent beings became steppe African apes. In other worlds, such a framework could be a very different creature. Mollusks, arthropods, birds, reptiles … Even plants! Tell me, honestly — how many of us rush to reasonable jumbo shrimp or a reasonable lichens originating from another galaxy, with the cry: "Hey, brother!"? I think that is very, very few. Xenophobia, sir. And even more difficult when thinking of creating other planets would look like colloidal gas cluster of energy fields or mold. How to communicate with guests? What common ground can be found? Get along with you, what to sell?

All these questions can be found the answers, and there are people who will patiently seek contact with any gazoprisheltsami … but God, as it will be hard! What patience, what wit, what experiences, extraordinary tolerance and unprecedented insight should have such people! And while one or two of these people will become painfully seek common ground with a newly minted gazoprisheltsami International Institute of Extraterrestrial Cultures, will be outside the rage of hundreds and thousands of xenophobes, and ousting a police cordon and yelling: "Stinky, go back to Aldebaran" And dozens of businessmen will try to find out our contactees, is it possible to establish a reasonable barter with gas — their space diamonds in exchange for our human shit … Such are we, the people. Y-yes … And what they are — not people?

I jarred some statement Davos experts that if extraterrestrials are found, it is, they say, not much will change human life … Take a break for a moment from the aliens from outer space, and remember — or not much has changed lives of Mesoamerican Indians coming of the Spaniards? African tribes with the arrival of the Portuguese? Australian Aborigines with the arrival of the British? That's right. Today, only one firm Proven existence of reasonable aliens can swipe at the consciousness of the masses, especially clerics and antropotsentristam who consider human navel of the universe (Giordano Bruno was burned alive for a very thought of a plurality of inhabited worlds in the universe). And as arriving aliens and landing them on Earth … If they stay here, it will not work for us, without a trace, I assure you. A businessman from the cult fantasy novel by Strugatsky "Roadside Picnic" said that in such a situation, it will be forced to think at least about how he changed the production …

For worse, for better or as well get used to the idea that the encounter with another mind sooner or later. Maybe even sooner than we think. And it's time, it's time to stretch the planet Earth a huge banner: "Welcome, gentlemen, aliens!" But you gentlemen humans, burdened with numerous sins and laden with many challenges — are ready to face it with a different mind? Similarly, I can not ask hypothetical aliens: are you ready to meet with us? We're very complicated, contradictory creatures themselves, it sometimes does not know what to expect from us … And then there's you, the generation of other worlds, other people who grew up under the sun …

3. What to say in conclusion?

When I was a schoolboy, I swallowed a fantastic book by Soviet and foreign authors. These books were true polygons imagination: different authors modeled on their pages every possible variants of contacts with different aliens — with the non-human and human-like, live and cyber, good and aggressive, behind us to develop and are far ahead of us, who flew straight from heaven and living in this hell … Science-fiction writers have described the peaceful relations with some aliens and merciless battle with others … and even completely incomprehensible relationship with aliens, like nothing on earth … It seems they have provided it. Well, almost all. So I would advise the organizers Davos frequently engaged as consultants fiction writers. More recently, these consultants could be the Strugatsky brothers and Stanislaw Lem, Isaac Asimov and Hal Clement, Clifford D. Simak and Harry Harrison, Fred Hoyle and Carl Sagan … but, alas, no longer in this world. However, anyone can be found now. Use their powerful imagination.

…Even as a child I loved to look into the mysterious night starry sky. And for some reason I thought that there could not come nothing bad — just a good one.


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