Western Europe covered the heat wave

Western Europe covered the heat waveIn many Western European countries have set a heat wave, said "Utro.ru." The cause of the onset of the "second summer" was anticyclone. As a result of the day in Spain and France, the air temperature is a mark of 27-29 degrees above zero, and in the south of France and in Portugal, the air is heated to 30 degrees. In Britain, as the heat — there thermometer show plus 25 — plus 27.
The influence of the anticyclone will continue until early October. As noted by IA "Amitel" mean daily temperature exceeds the norm by four or more degrees. Anticyclone influence extends even to the Scandinavian peninsula, reports SiteUA.org. In the Norwegian capital Oslo in the afternoon air is heated to 20-22 degrees.

Previously reported that the upcoming night in Moscow expected 5.3 degrees Celsius, in the suburbs will be up to plus seven degrees colder places to minus two. Tomorrow, September 30, in Moscow is expected 12-14 degrees, in the region — from 11 to 16 degrees. It will be fine drizzle of rain.

In St. Petersburg today expected rain, partly cloudy and 13 degrees. Pressure will be 762 millimeters of mercury. Previously chief meteorologist urban meteorologist Alexander Kolesov told reporters that this winter's northern capital and Weather waiting moderately cold weather with a decent amount of snow.
According to weather forecasts, to be the most cold January and February. On some days the temperature can drop to 25 degrees below zero. The average monthly temperature is expected to be 8-9 degrees below zero. Fill up with snow on 30-50 centimeters.

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