Whale Wars Watch online

Whale Wars Watch online
Man continues to advance on nature, animals and ousting all more and more, putting some on the brink of survival, and the other — just cynically destroying. A similar position You can keep track of things on land and in water. Man does not leave the smallest chance of survival many species of animals. Not in the best position found and whales that live in the southern seas of Antarctica.

Speech in this television series will focus on the confrontation of people who are not indifferent to the dilemmas of environment protection and those who for their own benefit and short-term gain, ready to kill defenseless animals to their utter destruction.

Intercessors between whales from the Sea Organization Shepherd and Japanese fishermen who opened the hunt for marine inhabitants, unfold the true merciless war. Staff at Sea Shepherd try to save the few whales that have survived and are not under the harpoon fishermen.

Animals of the underwater world

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