What happens when the pole shift

Even among the well-informed a lot of people will die — because of the reluctance to check the facts, alien personal beliefs. If you are not inclined to listen to independent experts, written in what you will not convince. Why instructions on survival to those who do not want to part with the accumulated belongings? If your desire to save the family stronger everyday stereotypes, read carefully and follow active — time is against you.


In many written sources mentioned the expected cataclysm, but it is tied to 1999 — 2000, the year. The latest research has found in previous calculations by chronology (the birth of Christ) the error. Every author describes the events differently. Which of them is telling the truth?

Part — each, we just identify the similarities rather than the differences. Previous pole shift eloquently of the Bible (Revelation): earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flash meteors hail of meteorites. The ancient Sumerians, whose astronomical knowledge hit so far, left information about the planet that visits the solar system every 3657 years. Its next pass near the Earth will occur in 2012. The end of the Mayan calendar is also necessary at this time. Why do we have so little written evidence of the transferred cataclysms? Each pole shift is the old calendars and cards useless. Changed shape Earth's surface, change the speed of rotation of the Earth.

Cataclysm caused injury, the lack of food and increased mortality. The survivors found themselves in the new climate, with strongly affected flora and fauna. Keeping chronologies not cause people struggling for survival, serious interest. The previous record is not stored in the absence of practical necessity. Knowledge is lost, science thrown for more pressing needs, and for many centuries the nation discarded the stone age. Our current estimate is based on the frequency of occurrence of the 10th Planet. Pole shift can not be avoided.


The increase in natural disturbances associated with increased activity of the Earth's core, responsive to the approximation of a heavier (by 23 times) of a celestial body. Improve the visibility of reddish comet through a telescope began in the winter 2002-2003 year. Then it together with tailings writhing satellites see with the naked eye. In ancient records of different countries it is presented as a flying serpent or dragon. In the weeks before the close passage of the 10th Planet solar flares increase the interference to TV and radio. Now the axis of the Earth's poles is oriented around the axis of rotation. A few days before the pole shift the gravity-magnetic effect of the comet will stop the rotation of the Earth. At that time the comet passes (and the sun) will be facing the east central Atlantic coast of the United States. So in Europe, America and Africa a few days our star will not come over the horizon.

In recent days, from the depths will proliferate powerful sound waves. A few hours before the shift the tail reaches of our atmosphere and in the air will be fine iron dust. It will color the water in a bloody color and give it a toxic bitterness. Increase the flow of meteors, mostly green. Immediately before the shift will be small, and, finally, large meteorites, and the heated hydrocarbon tail of a broad blanket draped lowers flame.

Signs of disasters

Earth bears traces of such disasters. Tysyachemetrovye peaks appeared at the giant splits solid rock. Anyone figured the conditions under which such a burst of stone layers thick? Study of Antarctica shows that in the past there was a warm climate. In the North Sea discovery of oil — the result of biological activity in a turbulent past. Mid-latitude regions are covered with traces of giant glaciers, like those that are now at the poles. The polarity of the magnets, formed by lava, which froze thousands of years ago, shows that the North and South poles were used in other places. Archaeologists have noticed: pole shift periods coincide with the large-scale devastation.

Did the official science that an adequate explanation? No, because I think that the thin crust capable only minor shifts in the boiling sea of magma. One of the clear signs of approaching 10th Planet — the growth of deep earthquakes, ease tension in the continental platforms. WE DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE — Find out for yourself: the rotation of the planet slowed and seismic activity in recent years has increased more than seven times. The site Troubled Times notes that now awakened volcano more than in all the above story. Take a look at the moon at night — around her already visible halo caused by the accumulation of volcanic ash in the stratosphere.

Temperature of the Sun, also reacting to the approaching comet-disturber, exceeded all known limits. In place of warming and cooling blame the greenhouse effect, although it does not explain the simultaneous increase in eruptions. In increasing the earthquake trying to blame frequent flares, but in fact in the past, this connection has never been. Try to decide: whether any outbreak intensify the Earth's core is stronger than its surface? Expansion of zones of earthquakes (up to permafrost) officially attributed to a change of registration.

It turns out that not all previously recorded earthquake. The unusual behavior of the compass arrow is trying to explain the magnetic storms. Alas, episodic storms did not fit with the constancy of deviations. In January 2003, the media finally told about the inevitability of a pole shift. However, reassure geoclimatic changes will painlessly.

Stages offset pole

First, the crust will come off from the nucleus. In this case, you will feel the first vibrate and then shake. Eurasian platform moves to the east, the Atlantic Ocean and extending the African Rift, and India slides under the Himalayas. Canada moves to the north and the rest of the Americas down to the Atlantic Rift. Gap continental platform through the Himalayas will in Asian Russia inner bay. Pacific reduced.

When the North Pole moves to the Brazilian ledge, sliding bark stop, but inertia will cause the destruction of Central America, the Caribbean, Japan, and Indonesia. Weaknesses raskroshatsya between tectonic plates, and activated orogeny. Between the tip of South America and Africa will see a new land. Caught in shock people would think that the pole shift takes a minute, in fact take about an hour. Propulsion reach 15 points (more than the maximum of 9 points on the Richter scale).

Huge waves, tsunami, destroying all living things, the ride the entire length of shoreline to a depth of 300 kilometers. Rise winds and eddies of hurricane force, transforming the captured objects into killer bullets. Static electricity has spawned numerous lightning. Heating of individual sections of the ignition temperature of the Earth to be supplemented by the firestorms from the sky. Fires break out. Stop the crust will take a number of small and frequent aftershocks. Most aftershocks up to 8 points will occur in the first weeks. Then shake shake replace soil. Due to the volcanic ash darkness enveloped the earth, the sky will acquire purple tones come temporary cooling.

Melting ice eventually raise sea level by about 200 meters. According to our calculations, a giant comet will pass 22 million miles from Earth. Two previous passage was much further. When passing near the settlement will increase the power of aftershocks, tsunami height, the scale of flooding, as well as speed of hurricanes. Shifting of the poles (on the map — 90 degrees counter-clockwise) seem most real end of the world.

Awaken all volcanoes, causing explosion and stuns throwing stones on REMOVAL hundreds of kilometers.
Escaped death in the shakes in the coastal zone will die from the tsunami. Those who will be in the open, hit by meteorites, explosive waves or hurricanes. Lightning, firestorms from the sky and explosions of natural gas from the tectonic faults vyzhgut vast areas. People who miraculously survived on islands and peninsulas, will be cut off from the outside world. All regions in which there are volcanoes, are buried under a thick layer of stones and ashes.

Where to live?

In Russia, acceptable to choose any area of Siberia and Far East, remote from man-made pollution, from the dams, dangerous storage, etc., with a height of 300 meters above sea level and 300 km. to its shores. But please note that in the Asian part of Russia formed the inner bay

Should not be fitted shelter in the forests or in the buildings, fragments of which can damage it. Recommended places, protected from the wind, for example, between the hills. Asylum (dugout) can be oriented north-south trench with the pan-sloping walls, securely fenced with wood or metal from obsypaniya. Closes rain outs do both sides. Paul advisable to lay a wooden crate, under which deep trench dug two feet for sanitary purposes and water runoff. Metal ceiling fire protection, fire and hail squalls stones if thick enough (or multi-), with edges that go beyond the width of the trench at least half a meter. To avoid drift hurricane suit them with a deep and two feet from the top is pressed tightly packed soil to ground level. At the very least arrange a hardwood floor, but with a larger 30 inch layer of soil covering.

Height from floor to ceiling sexual flooring — about one meter. Not fit into the clothes and shelter supplies to dig around, taking care to protect them from moisture. Plastic containers can become and plastic bottles. Above them, as to the ground at least two feet of compacted make soil. Food supplies buried in several places, for longer — deeper (especially frozen meat and fish). Wrap may be detrimental to the objects as if they were going to fall from the third floor. From cookware store for the future only the metal (not aluminum). Keep in a warm shelter and a change of clothes, flashlights, medical facilities, as well as a supply of water and provisions for several days.

Be sure you are secure items. Spread the floor and walls of the soft covering, for example mattresses, briquettes hay, etc. To reduce the possibility of internal injuries, which are the most dangerous, 2-3 days after stopping the rotation of the earth and up to the pole shift, abstain from food and drink only water. To keep track of time, keep watch with a built-in calendar, it is desirable not only electronic. Wear soft cap (or wrap the head), remove glasses, close his ears with cotton or soft paper to protect against shocks. It is appropriate to wear a mask or cotton-gauze bandage. When earthquakes will increase, lie flat. Sitting you risk hurt more. Prepare for the fact that you will be throwing from side to side.

Keep your lips tight, be careful not to bite your tongue. Protection of large meteorites will not. But because they are rare, trust to luck. You can come out of hiding only after a hail storm subside. On the first days of respiratory protection from toxic gas reserves on each of masks, but from toxic and radioactive dust — several respirators or cotton-gauze bandages (purchased or homemade). It started to rain soon to reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the air. With the transition to the tremor jolts can equip the new housing. It must be a seismic and moisture-resistant (such as construction trailer) established from tipping over. With its creation, can not be excluded difficulties with building materials, so be smart to use improvised.

Probability of survival

Extinct mammoths were hardy animals that inhabited galore many continents, but they destroyed the only one shift. It took only a few individuals to recreate the look, and yet they were gone. The coming cataclysm will be different from the previous to the worst.

Previously erected mainly light homes, and destroying them perished a few people. This time, the debris-rise buildings and even houses if not crushed, it will block all their inhabitants. Over the past millennium crust grew old and became thicker, and hence for its faults tremors will be stronger.

During the same period, the bowels and space have increased the amount of water on the planet. Coastal areas (as the most prestigious), now inhabited by millions of people. Survivors of past disasters is less dependent on the comfort and better able to engage in subsistence farming. Today automation freed many from hard physical labor, people are less able to move and not completely go without medical care. In addition, the modern man has created a lot of potential "killers." Powerful aftershocks provoke detonation of military munitions.

Damage to the dam will cause additional flooding. Hazardous substances are stored in abundance in businesses and warehouses spread hurricane-force winds. Add to that toxic waste from landfills and agents of serious diseases, and nuclear arsenals and nuclear power plants. All of this will significantly reduce the likelihood of successful survival.

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