What is a UFO?

What is a UFO?
UFOs — unidentified flying objects is: no one knows exactly what it is. Many researchers (called "UFO") have a theory with which try to explain what is a UFO, but since no one can study the UFO in a scientific laboratory, all these ideas are nothing more than educated guesses. You can offer the following definition of a UFO, which can be helpful in the consideration of this theme:

UFO — it is made public observation of the object or source of light in the sky or on the ground, whose appearance, trajectory of motion, action, movement, and color of the light emitted does not have a logical or natural explanation and which can not be explained not only witnesses, but also the scientific and technical experts who try to explain the observation after examining the evidence (the definition of the American Association of UFO CUFOS).

Who see a UFO?

Anyone can see the UFO. It does not matter it poor or rich, educated or uneducated, young or old. Actually, most of the witnesses did not specifically looking for a UFO, when they are lucky to see them. The best chance to observe UFOs have people zhivuschschie in small towns or rural areas, and that are far away from populated areas late at night.

What is it like a UFO? How quickly do they move? Can I get pictures of them?

UFOs can be any shape or size. There are small spots of light, moving in a strange way in the night sky. They are called "night lights" (nocturnal lights; NLs). This is the type of rapostranen.ny UFO. "Night Lights" is really not very interesting, because the witnesses in this case, can not consider the details. Without them, the UFO can not learn anything new. Distant objects, usually disco or cup-observed during the day, called "daylight discs" (daylight disks; DDs). If a witness saw a UFO from a very short distance (500 meters), these observations are called "Close Encounters" (close encounters, CEs). There are three types of "close contacts", conventionally designated CE-1, CE-2, CE-3. When "Close Encounters" observed the UFO-like plates, boomerangs, spheres, diamonds, cigars, triangles and other odd shapes. They emit a bright light, sometimes white or red, sometimes multicolored.

UFO observed rate varies widely. UFOs may still long "hang" in the air, then immediately fly at high speed, and much higher than the maximum speed of conventional aircraft. They can move slowly across the sky and perform incredible maneuvers such as right angle turns at impossible speed. While not know for certain what force drives a UFO or why they are so maneuverable.

There are some undeniably authentic photographs of UFOs. Many so-called "UFO pictures" actually depict natural phenomena (such as clouds bizarre shapes) or light patches on the camera or the marriage of the film, which was displayed in the picture. Some photos deliberately tampered by people who wish to convince others that they have seen a UFO. This is done for various reasons, such as thirst for fame, money, advertising their religious or philosophical point of view. Some of the most famous images were obtained in Mc Minville, Oregon, in 1950, in Rouen, France, in 1954, off the coast of Brazil in 1958, and in Lubbock, Texas, in 1951. There are also videos UFO obtained in Hudson, New York and Belgium. These pictures are often found in UFO literature.

Photos are not sufficient proof of the reality of UFOs, since they can be easily forged.

When people first saw the UFO?

Many researchers argue that UFOs have been observed throughout history. There are many myths, legends and stories that describe the strange things seen in the sky or beings who came from heaven to help people in the development of civilization. Since modern scientists can not be isolated from the actual facts of these stories, it is impossible to determine whether they are credible reports of real events. Therefore, most ufologists have focused on the study of UFO reports since the beginning of this century.

In the 1890s, North Americans have seen in the air strange dirizhableobraznye devices with very bright lights flying over farms and settlements. Some claimed to have seen the pilots, operate the unit. Researchers disagree about the authenticity of these stories. Many researchers believe these messages are hoaxes spread by local "clubs liars" or sensatsonnymi stories invented by journalists from the imagination to the newspaper were sold out well. However, some ufologists are inclined to consider these observations the first reliable reports in history.

During World War II pilots seen near their aircraft strange glowing orbs. They called them "foo-fighters" (foo fighters) — a term which arose on the basis of expression ("where there's foo, there's fire") from the "Smokey Stover" (Smokey Stover), the popular comic book of the time. First, the Allies assumed that "foo-fighters" are the secret weapons or devices razvedyvaetlnymi Nazi Germany. After the war, they found that the German pilots also saw bright lights, which are then considered to be American or British secret devices.

In the summer and fall of 1946 over Sweden and Norway observed a large number of unusual aerial objects. They were dubbed the "ghost rockets" and considered secret Russian weapons, built with German military programs to create the missile. Swedish Defense Ministry announced that 80% of the 1,000 "ghost rockets" can be explained by natural phenomena, but the remaining 200 cases could not be explained either by natural phenomena or Swedish or Russian aviation equipment or hoaxes.

Although reports of "airship" and "foo-fighters" more plausible and probable than the ancient stories of the strange "miracles" in the sky, many ufologists question the reliability of the above messages. As a result, most of the researchers says that the modern UFO era began June 24, 1947 observation businessman and pilot Kenneth Arnold. Flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, Arnold saw nine crescent-shaped objects flying along the ridge. Although he observed them only three and a half minutes, Arnold became convinced that it was not planes. He radioed a message and when he landed at the airport he was met by reporters to ask questions. "As a parallel plate thrown water surface" — as he described the motion of objects. , Hence the term "flying saucer."

How to recognize a hoax?

Although over the past forty years, there were tens of thousands of UFO reports, menne 1% of them were hoaxes. Mostly competent researchers can identify a hoax almost immediately. The most common type of hoaxes — manipulation with a candle or a torch and a ball filled with helium. With these simple tools try to see the ball of light, and thus gave the impression of a UFO. Carefully planned and done a hoax, requiring a more in-depth study are extremely rare.

To eliminate the possibility of a false report, you need to check the reliability of the witnesses, the details of the message and any physical evidence, especially photography. Before you trust the data, the researcher must check the authenticity and validity of these factors. The reliability of the witness can be verified through interviews with neighbors, friends, relatives, colleagues. In particular, researchers are interested to determine whether it has a reputation for honest, responsible person, or a hoaxer, practical joker and chatterbox. The researcher also examines the message to determine whether it incredible statements or pronounced discrepancy. For example, if the elements are similar to those messages, which can be found in science fiction, or they are so unusual that they did not show up in other reports of UFO sightings? Whether the witness claims to have seen a UFO many times, though other witnesses can not be found? Does the witness claim that important evidence of his words mysteriously disappeared or been abducted, "government agents"? While these facts can not prove a hoax, they may cast doubt on the message, and must be considered in the study.

Finally, the researcher must examine evidence to proerit whether they were altered, falsified or mystified. If the readings look fake or if they can be explained by more prosaic means, then their validity rests doubt. Often experienced ufologists can see at a glance a forged photograph UFOs. Various clues, such as the marked differences between the image detail UFO and objects and foreground, help identify fraud. Computer analysis of the photos can also be used to prove the fraud. Technical means can indicate a clue and can provide evidence on the shape of objects, materials and densities.

It must be remembered that any study should critically and carefully examine evidence. The more facts proved unreliable, the greater the doubt rests on the reliability of the UFO phenomenon in general. "Rule of thumb" in UFO research says "if something seems too good to be true, chances are it really is too good to be true" ("If something appears too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true "; This is true not only in ufology, but in real life). Thus, the researcher must always with a critical eye to any fact.

Which of the aliens themselves? Where are they?

Since you are unsure whether the UFO spacecraft, we can not be sure that the aliens arrive on Earth from other planets. Many ufologists claim that there is sufficient evidence that UFOs are indeed spacecraft, controlled by intelligent beings. In addition to reports of contact with aliens ("close encounters of the third kind of" or CE-3) there exists a range of different descriptions. Some witnesses describe the creature as being very similar to humans. In fact, they say that these things can easily blend in with the crowd on any street in any city in the world. This type of creatures called "northerners" (Nordics), since they are all like the people living in northern Europe. Other reports describe gray creatures of low growth with large almond eyes and large "bulbous" heads. They are called "gray" (Grays). "The Grey" is sometimes divided into groups of different physical characteristics, such as growth. In several cases, witnesses reported seeing creatures that resemble robots or androids. Only in the most unusual cases, people claimed to have seen aliens, monsters, so often portrayed in popular movies about creatures from outer space.

There are many theories, from which were aliens, but not definitely proven. Some speculate that the aliens came from another planet, while others believe that of "parallel worlds". The hypothesis that UFOs are creatures of puteshstvennikami time of our own future also has a right to exist. The most intriguing clue to the origin of the newcomers came from the report of the abduction of spouses Betty and Barney Hill. During their stay on board the UFO Mrs. Hill was shown three-dimensional map of the stars. She later reproduced this card under hypnosis, making the picture. Years later, a school teacher from Ohio, Margery Fish, made many models of known stellar groups in our part of the galaxy, and compared them with painted Hill star map. In the end, Miss Fish match is found and identified two major stars on the map as a double star Zeta Reticuli I and II. Interestingly, the two stars are like the sun and is very likely to have planetary systems — planets which may raumnaya life.

Is it true that aliens are abducting people?

Many argue that the aliens abducted them and often their stories are similar to each other. Stolen tell, as it turns out in a round room with a domed ceiling, bathed in bright light and filled with cold, damp air. They lay on a table, on which the aliens medetsinskie survey conducted using unusual scanning equipment. Biological samples were taken: the hair, the skin, the genetic material. After the examination, they were shown three-dimensional images, usually some emotional situations, such as, for example, the dead planet of war or natural disaster. The aliens showed great interest in the understanding of human emotions. They communicated via telepathy, indicating stolen forget about what happened. Then they predicted future events, often disaster, and promised to return.

After the return of stolen usually remember quite a bit, noting that inexplicably passed a certain period of time and experience physical and psychological symptoms, indicating that they were something unusual happened. Unfortunately, most of the kidnappings, the people in this situation can not actually control their body and thus can not interfere with what is happening.

While no one can prove the abduction cases, if you suddenly find yourself in this situation, try to remain calm. Look around and try to remember as much as possible, ask questions. Try something seize and retain as evidence of the survey. As in life, to cope with any situation you will help faith, courage and sense of humor.

Were there instances where UFOs harm people?

At times, people have reported that during contact with the UFO and abduction, they hurt or injured. Physical effects include eye irritation, sunburn, skin damage, disease. After the experience, the witnesses may have nightmares, anxiety, and may undergo changes in the nature or in understanding the basic principles of life. Witnesses, especially kidnapping, become convinced of the reality of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena such as poltergeists or manifestation of psychic powers.

One of the most famous UFO sightings with disastrous consequences for the witness described the two women, Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum, and the grandson of Mrs. Landrum, Colby. In December 1980, they were on the road in a desolate part of Texas. Ahead they saw a bright object in the form of brilliant-cut diamond, spewing flames from the bottom. Mrs. Cash stopped the car and got a better view of UFOs. The object emits intense heat melted the dashboard in her car. Undaunted, Mrs. Cash returned to the car and with the others watched as the object flies. Suddenly appeared a squadron of helicopters. They approached the National Objects and surrounded him. The witnesses watched the object, followed by the helicopters until they were out of sight. Back home, the three of them felt ill. A few hours later they got blisters tan on the body, nausea and diarrhea. At Betty Cash was the most severe symptoms and, in the end, it took her Food Stamp benefits. She was hospitalized as burn victims. The doctor, who conducted the survey concluded that the symptoms point to radiation sickness, that is radiation exposure. Later, the victims are suing the U.S. government, claiming that it is liable for harm. (They identified the helicopters as twin-engine helicopters Chaynuk (Chinook), used by the U.S. Army.) Lawsuit was unsuccessful, because they would never be able to prove that UFOs and helicopters owned and operated by the U.S. government.

Exploring whether the U.S. government UFO?

Currently, the U.S. government does not officially investigates UFO sightings, although there is some evidence to suggest that the various government agencies continue to secretly take an interest in the subject. In the past forty years, however, there were several projects and study groups that have studied the UFO evidence, at least superficially. Since UFOs are air events, the U.S. Air Force from 1947 to 1969 carried out several projects to study UFO reports. The most well-known project "Blue Book", held from 1952 to 1969. Although over the years has received a large number of UFO reports, including numerous accounts of military and civilian pilots and other technical personnel, the Air Force announced UFO unrealistic. The military saw UFO reports seriously, fearing that they may be used to confuse and hinder the normal operation of U.S. intelligence and communication, thus leaving America vulnerable to sudden attack of some foreign powers. Some military experts dopsukali possibility that the Soviet Union with the help of captured German scientists developed a technology far superior to the American. Therefore, the Air Force concluded that the study of UFO reports should continue until it is shown that such a possibility is unlikely. Studies of the Air Force was able to explain most of the observations of natural phenomena or wrongly identified aircraft. However, there were some hundreds of UFO reports that can not be so easily explained.

In 1966, in America, a wave of stunning UFO sightings were widely covered in the press. Political leaders, especially the Congress, under great pressure from the electorate that required to explain their observations. The congress was organized by a special committee, which has required the Air Force to give his explanations, once and for all solve the problem. In response, the Air Force signed a contract with the University of Colorado to conduct the final study of the UFO phenomenon — studies that were finally solve the problem of the UFO phenomenon and give it a satisfying explanation of each. The project is headed by Professor Edward Condon, a physicist, expressing negative views about life on other planets and the reality of UFOs. Several participants (to be known as the "Condon Committee") is open and impartial professor accused in hypocrisy and "flirting" with the public, thus showing its bias to this whole venture. Despite the fierce fierce debate among scholars, because of which were dismissed several members of the committee, and Congress has organized its own symposium on UFOs, Condon Committee continued to work and, in the end, released the final report. In conclusion, written by Professor Condon said that more than 20 years of experience in studying the UFO did not bring new scientific knowledge and further study is not warranted. Critics have accused the Condon Commission that its report does not agree with the learned data, and that this whole thing was a sham from the beginning. Despite the heated debate on the report of the Commission Condon BBC were clearly satisfied with the report and used as an excuse to close the project "Blue Book" in December 1969.

Despite this, most ufologists believe the government has a large data bank on UFOs and secret research continues. Their confidence is strengthened by the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies under public pressure, released some of the documents that show that they have accumulated information on UFOs, which is still classified as top secret. The government does not allow public access to these documents, despite numerous attempts of researchers to see them through the "Freedom of Information Act" (Freedom of Information Act; FOIA), which allows U.S. citizens to have any government document, the disclosure of which is not a threat to national security.

In response to the government's reluctance to disclose the documents, a group of UFO "Ground surveillance UFO" (Ground Saucer Watch) began legal action to declassify documents on UFO sightings at military bases in the 1970s. After the "Ground surveillance UFO" grasped the financial difficulties of the case took another organization "Citizens Against UFO secrecy surrounding (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy; CAUS). Though the" Citizens Against UFO secrecy surrounding "argued that the disclosure of official information on UFOs can not bring damage to the national security, the U.S. secret agencies have argued that it would jeopardize their operation. Even when ufologists stressed that they are only interested in information on UFOs and anything related to American security, the government flatly refused to release the information. Eventually, the federal Judge Gerhardt Hessel at a closed meeting of the secret services shared the concerns about national security. Ufology contested decision utvrzhdaya that the hearing was unfair. Specifically, the group pointed out that the judge was not allowed to view the material, despite the fact that the judge had on this full law. fact, Judge Hessel received only a general explanation of why the government can not make public documents. these lengthy explanations, and he served as a basis for decision making. Though "Citizens Against UFO secrecy around" could not win the case, the organization continues to work to get the desired document on "FOIA infomatsii"

Is it true that a UFO with aliens on board crashed and was picked up by the U.S. military?

Stories about the crashed UFO circulated for years, but, until recently, most people, including ufologists consider them nonsense. However, recent studies reveal startling evidence indicating that perhaps a UFO crashed in the desert of New Mexico in July 1947, William Farmer Breyzel discovered on their land wide band covered many strange debris. Materials with unusual characteristics prompted Breyzela deliver some of the wreckage at Roswell, New Mexico, to show them to the authorities. Intrigued by the rubble, Roswell air base commander Col. Blanchard ordered two intelligence officers inspect the scene of disaster. This was Major Jesse Marcel and Captain Sheridan Kavitt. After reading their report, Colonel Blanchard gave a secret order to surround territory. Debris were carefully collected and taken to the army headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

First Command Roswell base issued a press release in which it was reported that matched "flying disc", as they called UFOs. Soon this press release has been refuted, and the media, trying to learn more about the disaster, met with considerable difficulties. At a press conference in Fort Worth told reporters that the intelligence officer and other employees of the Roswell Air Base were mistaken in identifying the debris, which, in fact, belonged to a weather balloon with a radar reflector attached. Public interest waned, and events have become part of the Roswell UFO folklore. Most ufologists took the official version of the government.

It was not until the late 70's, when Jesse Marcel decided to publicly share their comments on the strange debris and other aspects of the Roswell event, and history crashed UFO was alive again. New evidence shows that the government is hiding the true circumstances of the crash, and the original message selected "flying disc" was really true. Investigation into the crash continues, along with the pressure on the U.S. government to end its policy of secrecy surrounding UFOs and disclose the truth about what had crashed in the desert of New Mexico that night in July 1947.

Are there any secret alien base? Do the U.S. extraterrestrial technology?

Rumors about the existence of secret alien bases exist for a long time. They say that these bases are located in different places: on the moon on the ocean floor, in most tropical forests. Some ufologists extremists believe that aliens have already made contact with the government. There are even stories of alien objects on U.S. military bases. Some people have gone even further, arguing that they were working on a secret project for the study of UFOs and UFO seen stored in military bases. Basically, people who talk about these aliens or secret bases on secret projects for the study of extraterrestrial technologies are unreliable witnesses. Therefore, such evidence should podhodzhit with caution, pending submission of a reliable and independent confirmation of what was said.

Do the U.S. extraterrestrial technology — remains controversial. If the story is true Roswell crash, the answer to this question is yes and the U.S. government has the opportunity to study alien technology since 1947. Were the United States to understand and use this technology — is another question. One researcher suggested that bumerangoobrazny UFO witnessed in the mid-1980s Hudson Valley, New York, was a top-secret American aircraft such as "stealth", based on the technology of UFOs. Further research is needed to prove or disprove this hypothesis.

What is ARD?

ARD — is identified flying object. In suschnnosti is natural or artificial object mistaken for a UFO. About 90-95% of all reported UFO after considering reports are an experienced researcher ARD. People take natural or other common objects for UFOs, as often do not recognize them, or because of unusual weather conditions, lack of knowledge or rarity of certain natural phenomena. For example, people often mistaken for UFOs planet Venus, because I do not know how bright it is in some periods of the year. Sometimes act as a UFO star just above the horizon, which, due to atmospheric turbulence and thermal effect (such as thermals) often flickering red and blue colors. Stars can also appear in motion, approaching or moving away from the observer, due avtokinezom. It is a psychological phenomenon in which the movement of pupils observer creates the illusion that the brightest object visible in the dark, moving. UFO trying to distinguish from ARD, the investigator must obtain as much information about monitoring, while not encouraging witnesses to give false details. It is also important to study the evidence of UFO sightings started as early as possible, while the witness remembers the details.

Interestingly, reports of ARD, as well as about the real UFO, in the last decade reduced. For example, people almost do not confuse with the UFO Venus or new experimental aircraft. The causes of decline in reported ARD worthy of serious study because they may shed light on the nature of the UFO phenomenon. If UFOs are observations mistakenly identified natural or artificial objects, as many skeptics, why people do not confuse these objects today? If UFO reports are the result of mental health problems, then it appears that the decrease is associated with UFO reports ulusheniem mental health. If UFOs are manifestations of an unknown natural phenomenon, then what happened to the earthly nature, leading to a decrease in UFO reports? The answers to these and other questions can provide missing pieces to the puzzle of UFOs.

Involved in a UFO to maim animals?

Does not calm down the controversy concerning the alleged connection between UFOs and strange cases of animal mutilation. Many researchers have argued that the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of some animals, indicate the intervention of UFOs. They cite reports of strange lights or aircraft near the fields, where he later found mutilated animals. On dead animals show physical evidence such as puncture wounds, missing body parts, lack or total absence of blood, indicating that someone intentionally and skillfully killed them for some unknown purpose. For one of the popular theories on the subject is the possibility of holding genetic experiments on them. Other researchers, including ufologists, are skeptical about the communion possible UFOs, citing evidence to suggest that the earth causes such as disease and predators, can explain these seemingly mysterious deaths of animals. It also requires a systematic study of the evidence before drawing a conclusion about the relation to UFO crippled animals.

Who are the "men in black"?
Where were the rumors of mysterious black helicopters?

Talked about it as a human-like creatures who intimidate witnesses or UFO researchers and threaten them. Their features and behavior described as bizarre. Their manners and speech — harsh and formal — in some automatic and comic, but still threatening. Version of who these men in black including government agents and extraterrestrial bio-robots. One popular theory holds that they are hallucinations that are going through people who were injured by contact with the UFO. Others say that they are outright hoax.

Like "the people in the black," say the mystical black helicopters that threaten witnesses. They were seen in the low flying over houses and cars UFO witnesses, but never seen it, they landed. Some suggest that it is the military observation helicopters, while others believe that a UFO disguised as helicopters.

It is also possible that the witness, injured by contact with the flight path of the UFO identifies conventional helicopter with his sighting of communications based on a persecution complex than on concrete evidence.

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