When looking for Radin, the KGB checked trains and interrogations of journalists

Since March 31, there is no precise information on the location of the journalist Natalia Radin, which is called the KGB for questioning in the case on December 19. Credible sources reported that the journalist is outside Belarus, but the Radina this is not confirmed.

Where is the editor of "Charter 97" Natalia Radin? Mobile phone the second day of the journalist is not responding. On Valentine Radin, parents journalist, April 1 on their home phone in Kobrin call from an unknown person and said Natalia already abroad:

"Someone called the unknown. Estimated it was about 10 am. Said not to worry, it's already there. And as it turned out, is not known. Maybe the first in April we play out, do not know. And yesterday at midnight call from the KGB and was told that she got off the train in Luninets. We are told that his wife put her on the train, "Brest — Minsk" and that the more we know nothing. And they said that he checked the car in which she was riding, and found out that it came out in Luninets and never came back. "

Mother journalist Hope Radin does not rule out that Natalia decided to avoid the fate of those who have already been punished for the events of December 19:

Probably looked at these sentences and she was scared, I guess.

"Probably looked at these sentences and she was scared, I guess. I do not know. "

Hope Radin said that a final conviction that her daughter abroad when she calls herself Natalia.

Editor of the website "Charter 97" Natalia Radina accused of involvement in the riots on December 19 and in their organization. On the charge of the journalist faces up to 15 years in prison. On March 31 Radin called in for questioning by the KGB investigator. On the eve of the journalist did not rule out that she made a claim to the final charge. The intention to leave the country Natalia Radin did not.

March 31 at midnight Austrian journalist Joseph Gafl placed on the "Wall" supporters "Free Theatre" in "Facebook" message that April 1 at 10 am local time (12:00 in Belarus) Radina speak at a press conference at the Hilton Park Lane in London.

The morning of April 1 in the department conference hotel "Freedom" is not confirmed this information — press conference Radina in the list of scheduled events for today is not, then there is no room in the hotel under the name of «Press Lobby». At the time of writing, reporting new information on the whereabouts of Natalia Radina appeared.

Around 10 pm on March 31 for questioning by the KGB was unexpectedly called the deputy editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Marina Koktysh, which is recognized as a witness in the case of the events of December 19. Koktysh said, "Freedom" about the nature of a call:

All questions during the interrogation concerned anyway Natalia Radina.

"All the questions during the interrogation concerned anyway Natalia Radina. I can not say more, because in the tradition of the KGB — to take a subscription to disclose secrets of the investigation, and that is the secret of the investigation, the investigator decides only. "

According to reports, the evening of March 31 was questioned by the KGB as an editor "Nasha Niva" Andrei Skurko.

Get KGB comment to events around Natalya Radina failed, as the phone public relations center of the KGB during the day did not answer. The press service of the Prosecutor's Office of Belarus said they did not receive orders to speak out about the situation with Natalya Radina.

Natalia Radin can be a second refugee abroad from those who have been charged with involvement in the riots on December 19 and in their organization. March 13 it became known that fled from Belarus ex-presidential candidate Mikhalevich. For days to escape the politician told reporters about the torture used against him and other prisoners in the KGB detention center, "American." Natalia Radin, which is also kept in "an American" more than a month, she said this, she has a reason to trust the words of Ales Mikhalevich of torture.


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