Who are they, contactees?

In the archives of the Research Association "Kosmopoisk" exists on a database of people who claim that they are in contact with the EC. Contactors for over 7 thousand, and the number is constantly growing!

Is the establishment of interstellar dialogue between Humanity and other civilizations — it took place a long time? According to the so-called kontaktantov supposedly long receives signals from outer space, we can only argue about which civilization tips useful for us all? And how quickly to implement the recommendations of our galactic neighbors?

What is the percentage of the truth? Can I check the messages of some contactees, based on subjective assessments?

Among the most interesting and important for us pereskazchikov information can be called soothsayers, clairvoyants, religious figures. And, most important for us, the authors chronicle reports describing cases of contact with the gods, saints or strangers in the past century. Historical archives all over the world are full of such descriptions. Whole branches of history, theology and paleoufologii much entirely based on them.

We suggest at least three ways to check the reliability of the historical posts.

First, it is the effect of personal trust informant. If the study before the message is valid, there is a high degree of confidence and to the test message.

Secondly, the message is checked for conflicts with existing messaging other contactees, psychics, witches, and other blissful alternative sources of information.

Third, the message is compared with the data of modern science (physics, chemistry, mechanics …). With the description of other independent witnesses of historical events in the annals of the data, archival records, with archaeological finds or archive, etc.

Contact Kostrykin

Viktor Kostrykin Nalchik claimed that he had been on board a UFO in 1968 and 1970. He described in detail the external and internal structure of the alien machines. These descriptions, which became the new Soviet UFO classic, roamed in manuscript form and a photocopy of the entire USSR.

But after a few years it became clear that in fact describe kostrykinskogo "UFO" coincide with the description of plywood spaceship model made for the movie "From Silver Planet" in 1977-78. Shooting of the film on the famous novel by Jerzy Zulawski led Polish television. Layout of the ship with the inscription "VVGG-2" (the name of the TV) as unnecessary Poles left on the mountain pass. Photos «landed UFO" hit the headlines.

It seems that the fact was obvious: stories Kostrykin were one in a "lick" with external data plywood construction.

But on the other hand, saw this UFO Kostrykin long before the making of the film and the construction of the layout! True, the latter is known only from the words of the Kostrykin. But if this is so — it is unlikely that the Poles did your layout, focusing on eyewitness testimony of local Nalchik. Most likely, someone would slipped fake … Why?.

Contact Solomennikova

Oleg Solomennikov from Noginsk, Moscow region., Being a child disabled with paralyzed legs, became a race car driver. Moscow several times won the race to the bottom. Since the end of 1998 began to feel the voice signals of other civilizations, which are repeated every 2 times a year.

According to him, he was able to receive telepathic information from entities that call themselves "gods." He allegedly received clear answers to questions such as: "There is in man a soul or not", "where the word" God "and what it means?", "Why do not we hear the aliens?", "Why burn the sun?" "Will the end of the world?", "Is there life after death?" etc.

Details are not given, but those who have studied the Solomennikova, have found no reason to doubt his integrity.

Contact Siebert

The example of one fairly typical contactors, artist Andrew Ernstovich Siebert of Yoshkar-Ola, you can use all three methods of validation.

1) Siebert quite realistically assess what has been said to them, sometimes even critical of the transfer to them the same information. The narrator is credible.

2) Compared to other contactees — many intersections and repetitions. The same "handwriting", the same typical request "aliens" like theses on the need for salvation of human civilization.

Of course, there are nuances: Siebert superb artist (most contactees finally begin to draw and visualize the information. But most unlike Siebert paints in the style of primitivism). Perhaps, therefore, the basic information comes to him in a schematic form.

3) Some specific data in the text Siebert — a "bloopers" from the point of view of scientists. For example, Siebert mentioned the distance from Earth to the planet of his "respondents" (in terms of kilometers from the generally accepted value — about 100 gigaparsek) much more … the size of our universe. Its size, according to the latest astronomical data, about 6 gigaparsek. One could argue that mistakes may just earthly astronomers. But not by orders of magnitude! ..

Where is the source?

The pin-out for thousands of years has not undergone significant differences. Except for the fact that the Earth contactees are more technically literate and stop the aliens call themselves gods. Perhaps, the second occurs as a consequence of the first. So — just to account for this can be considered historical mention of contact with divine beings in the past.

Anyway contactees did someone contact. But this "someone" is not who or what they are.

In all of this categorical prohibition to exercise telepathic contact with the EC can make in any case. Who knows what we will achieve a high technology? And if we can not after the n-th number of years and our own transmit messages zvezdoplavatelyam or immediately — in the minds of there the natives? In this case, fish out the required information and leave the misinformation (the usual practice of politicians, perhaps, interstellar politics, too). Do nothing to prevent the same thing different, more advanced civilizations of the world.

Vadim Chernobrov

The degree of truthfulness

From 1989-1996. experts "Kosmopoisk" studied descriptions of more than a hundred modern contactees. As a rule, in their stories focus on the last description of the construction of UFOs and retelling their own dialogue with the aliens, if any. We can not be sure exactly what we know and the real pattern of UFOs, and the real purpose of the visit of the Earth. Reasonable to believe that the stories of contactees who traveled in various UFO should not differ from each other more than the stories of those who have been in similar objects. The comparison kontakterskih posts here really showed a clear correlation. But … only where the contactees have relied entirely on their own eyes and ears.

In other words, ordinary earth people who have visited in the same UFO, described their appearance and internal structure as equally as they could do ordinary people without technical education and a good visual memory. But a different pattern was observed in the description of the principle of UFO, working of the engines, the objectives of the flight. That is all that the aliens 'confidential' contactees reported. From which it can be concluded that the messages aliens, including information about who they are and from which we arrive, in most cases, are deliberate misinformation on the part of the aliens.

Thus, the degree of truth in the stories of aliens can be considered as no more than 10-20% of the total amount of information, and most likely — this percentage is 1-5%. Similar figures from the representative of the Bulgarian ufologists. They conducted a survey of 150 contactees useful way — only 2 people in which they believe "a hundred", or 1.3%.

The conclusion that most often comes to mind is a scientist — all contactees simply crazy. But unbiased studies show for what it is convenient to mainstream science explanation works not always. According to V. Azhazha, reported them to the conference in Dnipropetrovsk, of 108 physicians surveyed in 47 contactees was established schizophrenia, respectively, 61 contactee was quite normal. The study did not show clearly whether schizophrenia was "cause" of the contact or its consequence. Observations of these people say that there may be both.

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