Whom I think March 25

Going on today Olshanskoye cemetery in Prague, where Prague Belarusians meet twice a year to honor the memory of the Presidents of BNR, I thought about the last 93 years the Belarusian history.

At first I thought grimly. As many as 93 years ago, almost a century! And no real Belarusian state, nor real independence. Notes still run, but people still polshachatstsa and rusyfikuyutstsa …

And then — another view. We stood, a man 35-40, keep our flag, we speak in Russian, sing in Belarusian, pray in Belarusian. If you know very well what happened to our people in the last 200-300 years, you know — what a miracle! Truly a miracle of God, that after all this — after the Flood, the overthrow of the national church, after the rebellions, wars, repression, after total robbery cultural and human resources, after the murder of almost all intellectuals in the first half of the twentieth century and the total destruction of the historic centers of towns and manors — WE THERE YET! We stand and talk in the Belarusian …

So is there because once the Belarusian reality ahvyaravalisya, among others, Peter Krichevsky with Basil Zakharko, the graves where we stand. They — the real heroes of Belarus. They deserve our eternal and our posterity and grateful memory.

A meanwhile Our country and our people give birth to new characters. I see them in the pictures of the trials that are underway in Minsk. I see behind bars court cells, courtrooms, in the lobby and on the porch of ships. Many in the national colors of scarves … Belarus lives there, first of all there. In Minsk and in the regions, cities and villages. Inexplicably, metaphysical, against all losses of the past three centuries.

And the graves of the fathers of BNR in 2011, I think of those who are already in Minsk condemned and will condemn anyone else. Especially on the 30-year-old boy Dmitry Dashkevich, human type which is comparable to the kind of Constantine Kalinowski. For more than 10 years, he goes to rallies and pickets, he is beaten to unconsciousness in the blood, tried and sent to prison, and he goes, heals wounds, anyone is offended and does not run away from Belarus — he does not drink, does not smoke, he believes in God and the love of Belarus. I think he's a real hero. Like all his colleagues of the "Young Front". Everyone who has been beaten, who had already served and who still serve a good part of.

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