Why aliens abduct people?

The definition of "alien abductions" or some other "speysneping" — can be defined as kidnapping by extraterrestrial beings who usually carry their captives in a strange place, filled with a mysterious glow. The building in which the prisoner gets perceived them as a room within a UFO (unidentified flying object). Abduction is almost always going against the will of the people, which are usually women no older than thirty-five years. Most often in the time of the abduction person is in bed in the early morning hours or, for example, leads one car late at night.

Although there are cases of abduction of several members of a family or small groups, most often it happens to some people. Almost 80 per cent of reported cases occur in the United States, although there are large areas of UFO activity in the UK and South America, and a growing number of kidnappings in Eastern Europe and Australia. In China, Japan, India and elsewhere in the Far East, such cases are almost unknown.

Approximately half of the victims require post-hypnotic suggestion to: try to restore a whole fragmentary paintings left in the memory of the witness. However, the majority of witnesses preserved only fragmentary Speysneping-word formed on the analogy of kidnepingom (abduction), literally means "the cosmic kidnapping." In all likelihood, alien abduction humans began to occur a decade earlier than the beginning of a serious study of the UFO mystery. Until 1957, when there were serious allegations of encounters with aliens, no confirmed cases of kidnappings were reported. While in the past, and the case of individual meetings with strangers, but not stolen remember anything about them as long as there were not conducted special studies. Three-quarters of all known abduction occurred since 1980, and many researchers believe that they now become an epidemic. But their opinions differ on whether there is a real increase in the number of such contacts or just a growing number of reports of incidents that had so strongly suppressed in the consciousness that to restore them is not possible.

An opinion poll in the United States, which was undertaken in 1992 by Roper Organization, gave reason to believe that there could have been millions of kidnapping, while the study groups there were less than a thousand. Most researchers believe that less than one out of ten (and probably not more than one in a hundred) victims are turning to the media, and contrary to what some prefer to hide from others forced their contact with extraterrestrials. Almost always, they feel themselves the targets of violence, and special psychological tests show a great similarity to the results of testing of victims who have been raped.


Some researchers, such as Jacques Vallee and Hilary Evans, comparing cases of abductions by aliens with historical evidence of such events, examples of which can be found in the myths and legends of ancient civilizations. These certificates unknown forces transferred people to a place where time and space are significantly different from our own, after which they are sent back. The historical evidence of the state of people who returned after the kidnapping, described as depressed, like a trance or possession.

One can only assume they mean it matches the behavior of victims kidnapped in ancient times and in our times, that these things happen for many centuries, and described the victims in terms of their cultural and religious beliefs, their education and experience. It is obvious that similar events have occurred in 1596 and 1996 are to be interpreted differently современникамиисследователями, witnesses and victims of kidnappings. On the other hand, the apparent similarity may be apparent, and the real alien abduction may have occurred before the first recorded case in 1957.

Sexual relationships between humans and aliens

In October of that year the Brazilian farmer Antonio Villas Boas was working late at night on the tractor and was captured undersized humanoids. They forced him to have sexual contact with the red-haired woman, who, according to Boas, whining like a dog. Since then, evidence of abductions often dominated by sexual motives. Here can be seen a clear link with the incubus (demon-lover), which, according to ancient legend, took possession of their victims late at night. These phenomena are very likely depicted in the horror film "Creature" or "Star Trip: The New Generation" (a series of "Child"), in which the board member Deanna Troyes in similar circumstances, she conceived a child from an alien.

In the case of Villas Boas alien stated that she decided to try to get pregnant by a man. In another incident, which was reported before publishing stories Villas Boas (but after it has already occurred), this theme continued. In September 1961, a married couple from New England. Betty and Barney Hill, was returning home from a vacation that had a couple in Canada. Driving through the White Mountains, they saw in the sky a strange object. Just got home, they found that more than an hour travel fell from their memory. However, after treatment to a psychiatrist and treatment of constant nightmares with visions of pasty people with cat eyes and high blood pressure, which caused the nightmares, the couple realized that the victims of kidnapping. When Dr. Benjamin Simon of Boston called their memory of the events several months ago, Barney said he took samples of semen, and Betty told about probing her genitals small creatures that telepathically told her that he had a "pregnancy test."

Evidence of abductions gradually spread — first among American ufologists, and then around the world. Between 1974 and 1977 these reports have come from Britain and other European countries. In Australia, researchers are looking for a hard information about these events, were able to report them to the mid-eighties. Many of these data did not apply outside the U.S. because of the distrust of some, not universally adopted techniques such as hypnosis. (In 1988, British scientists have even imposed a moratorium on the use of hypnosis.)

Growth phenomenon

Soon reports of similar cases began to appear all over the world. One of these occurred in 1965 in Venezuela, when a gynecologist was forced strangers to have sex with an unusually high being, have announced that they are trying to implement the genetic program of growing hybrid alien and human. A number of cases that are fixed independently of each other, gradually developed into a terrible picture. However, the vast majority of them recorded in the U.S., where the post-hypnotic suggestion was accidentally used, among other tools used by Dr. Simon in order to recover the memory of people who were abducted by a UFO.

Psychologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle was the first with a group of UFO researchers began to carry out an ongoing program, funded by the Government at the University of Colorado. He managed to cause a horse cop Herb Schirmer memories of a meeting with UFOs, which occurred in December 1961

Scientific Perspective

In June 1992, the closing of the scientific symposium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Physicists at MIT and Dr. John Mack, the famous psychologist at Harvard Medical School, was organized by the weekly discussion. About a hundred researchers are here to report on the key issues and present the results of the original experiments. The symposium was to become a milestone in the study of the abduction, and when, in early 1995, the results were published, they greatly advanced the serious scientific study of puzzles alien abduction. Dr. Mack was not afraid to risk his reputation in 1994 when he published his notes on the history of abduction, called simply "Abduction." His work has been carried out very carefully, on a high scientific level, and has attracted attention of researchers — as well as created by the BBC BBC in November 1994, the documentary "Horizon", in which the authors tried to give medical interpretation of the phenomenon of abduction, investigating temporal lobes of the brain.

In less than ten years the field of activity in this area has expanded from studying minor aspects of ufology to vital issues, which were discussed by scientists, despite their skepticism. At least today, there is little doubt that the phenomenon of kidnapping is real. The only question is how to interpret the significance of these events, and where to find their nature — in space or in the human subconscious?

Abduction experience

Alien abductions — one of the most powerful paranormal experiences. Most often it occurs unexpectedly and against the will of the victim. Usually, victims of abduction feel like victims of rape. They feel depressed, seek solitude, feel guilt and inferiority. The situation is aggravated by the fact that people rarely believe in the reality of abduction and leave the victim alone with your feelings. Therefore, usually memories of what happened are deposited deep in the subconscious and emerge only in excruciating nightmares, which results in the years of tension and suffering.

However, remember a few things. First of all, the abduction does not prove a hostile attitude to us newcomers. Meeting with them might be unpleasant, but it is rather the result of excessive fear, not accidental contact. If the problem is caused by the peculiarities of equipment or physiology, there is no reason to suspect a mental or physical disorder. Almost all of the researchers believe that the contactors have above-average intelligence, are a creative and in most cases quite healthy, intelligent and sincere.

Often anxiety can be transferred to other family members. Women often concerned the safety of their children. However, in this situation it is necessary to restrain her anxiety as a sharp as it was, as it can have a negative impact on the entire family.

Support groups and post-hypnotic suggestion

Well, if you can immediately share with a close friend, a husband or a doctor. This can greatly reduce stress, which otherwise would spoil your whole future life. It is useful to find a reliable professional who listened to the story of Vathi. Check out books, contact one of the organizations listed here, but please make sure that you will be assured of confidentiality and that your companion is not only what happened to you, but also your state of mind. Ask if they are there standards for the treatment or the rules of customer service, as it is accepted in the group BUFORA in Britain or in the Australian Center for UFO Research.

Some organizations, mostly in the U.S., provide victims the opportunity to contact a support group or work in conjunction with them. This allows space for victims of abductions to communicate with each other. For people who have experienced the same traumatic event, it may be helpful to share experiences with others. Ann Draffel by a group MUFON, USA, has developed a number of techniques that help to prevent further kidnappings, if the victim is afraid that they may again occur. One of these methods is the auditory training, which will help to remember the sacrifice of her contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. While the success of these techniques is not universally accepted, someone they can help. You can even insure against theft, but some researchers do not consider it appropriate. Nevertheless, some representatives of the U.S. insurance companies argue that such insurance policies provide peace of mind to the victims of kidnappings of space (although it is unclear how may be set the abduction).

Many people on separate fragments, dreams are trying to remember what happened to them, trying to find answers to their questions torment in the popular literature. Their last hope is post-hypnotic suggestion, but to practice hypnosis with caution. While using hypnosis can recover memories, but he might as well provoke imagination, and there is a danger of being influenced by them. Wanting to spice up your memories, you should decide for yourself which is better — to live in a state of uncertainty or try to repair the gaps in memory. Must firmly realize that revived memories can be even more confusing. While many UFO organizations recommend that people who believe that they have been abducted by aliens, use hypnosis, but these tips should be treated with caution, as the hypnotist can not have the necessary medical knowledge. And you can decide whether to treat the person who is unable to provide the relevant documents. It must be remembered that not all UFO organizations follow strict rules that can guarantee the health protection for people who turn to them for help. I advise you to carefully make their choice.

However, we must recognize that the post-hypnotic suggestion can have a positive impact. Quite often subjected to hypnosis reveals creativity. Good result brings an attempt to overcome the effects of abduction, to express themselves in literature or painting. Many consider it the most radical way of healing.

Investigation of the kidnapping

Quite naturally, if a man, believing himself the object of kidnapping, looking for help. But researchers need to establish whether contact occurred or patient anxiety caused by reading some literature, watching television, which could affect his psyche. Oversupply of certain information may be the same impetus that will lead one to ufology.

It is tempting for a researcher blindly believe the stories about the abduction. Undoubtedly due to the fact that in a society there is a great interest in UFO research in this area contribute to the conquest of popularity and may lead to the publication of the book, setting the film, which will bring material gains.

However, you must remember that you are primarily dealing with a real person, and the excitement of the researcher, penetrating the secrets, must take a back seat. Using hypnosis to supplement their knowledge or proof theory, it should be remembered that the penetration into the subconscious can open a "Pandora's box" that you will not always be able to close. The human brain can store such knowledge to extract out inhumane. And before you go for it, you need to firmly decide whether you have the moral right to leave someone alone with memories that will be remembered for your trust the person for life.

In any event, reckoning that awaits the researcher who left the patient without adequate health protection — it is only a matter of time. In recent years, the United States found syndrome false memories. However, his appearance explain (true right?) Effects of hypnosis (for example, a known case, when memories of child abuse were false.) Clearly, all this could cause psychological trauma or even the reason for the trial. The same thing could be expected and unfair investigator of the paranormal. You must make sure to ask you for help medical surveillance, and if do not have the capacity to do so, you must stop using the post-hypnotic suggestion.

Provided that all precautions are met, hypnosis can help considerably in your research. But this is not the only, and perhaps not the best method for studying the abduction. Experiments have shown that creative visualization can be just as effective. In these cases, the person who applied for help, asking to recall the details of the abduction and to describe what he feels. It is also necessary to pay attention to dreams, which may be related to the incident. You can also try using a hidden creative talent for painting or literature to describe the lived experience. This can often clear up the situation better than the hypnotic sessions.


Alien abduction — is one of the phenomena in the field of the paranormal, of which we have a lot of information. Gradually, it becomes a subject of scientific study, although we still can not understand its nature. Abduction phenomenon is usually treated by researchers as a stark choice between a kind of hallucination and literary allusion, projected on the self, on the one hand, and the physical alien abduction — on the other. But the truth is more complex. Published stories to exaggerate the importance of the theory of space alien abduction, if they are the proven fact. This theory is dominant in the U.S. but in the rest of the world has much less support.

Symposium at MIT in June 1992 was the first sign that science can sort out this issue. In 1993, the magazine "New Scientist" in its issue of November 6 put data published by a group of the Department of Psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. These were the results of the test carried out among the population, the witnesses who observed the UFO, and the victims of direct contact. It was found that the latter "mentally alert, not prone to fantasies and do not suffer from mental disorders."

So, confirmed the view, which many years, researchers said. Direct contact occurred. Experiments established the similarity of behavior exposed abduction, when the group was examined by a psychologist training, who believed that the tests to check the validity of the alleged responsible

"Grey" and "Nordic" types of aliens

Through years of research, there is ample evidence of the abduction. Dr. Thomas Ballard, a folklorist at the University of Indiana, was a solid database of cases of kidnapping in the world. France Denis Breyss for years are brought together with a computer statistics in the so-called "Project Bekassen." I had the opportunity to study in detail all the known British reports of abductions and compare their results with generic European and U.S. data. It includes information about the experiments that are under way. In the last analysis it can be concluded that there are two main types of creatures that have been reported in more than 92% of cases. They were given the code names "gray" (because of the grayish color of their skin, they have a large egg-shaped head and large eyes) and "Nordic" (these aliens are above average height, look like the Scandinavians, with blond hair, blue eyes and pale clear skin, they are distinguished by the Scandinavians, "cat", or east, of the eyes). These two types of aliens is so clearly described contactors that cast doubt psychologically grounded theory of the wealth of the human imagination, inhabiting fantasy worlds huge variety of alien life forms.

These studies allow us to understand that victims of abductions subconsciously experimenting, showing, without realizing it, his paranormal abilities.

Frequently repeated abductions are the release of psychic energy contactee. It is symbolic that the persons who come into contact with the aliens, suffer vivid memories of his early life, eidetic (almost photographic) memory and brilliant imaginative thinking. These features of the psyche contactors confirm that there are important features of the human brain that predispose to contact or facilitate it. Like peculiar medium, such people are "resonance" with extraterrestrial intelligence, who is seeking contact with them.

Kidnapping and near death experience X

Dr. Kenneth Ring, a psychologist at the University of Connecticut, compared the experience of victims of abduction with the feelings of people who have experienced clinical death. He found that between the messages of both categories, there are many similarities, and hypothesized that these seemingly different phenomena may be linked. Dr. Ring has decided not to take into account the arguments of researchers about a real or fictional nature of the contact. Instead, he described this as an imaginary region, thus uniting the two lines.

Such a theory is not at odds with my trchkoy view on this issue. I denote these phenomena as "controlled waking dreams." To explain this phenomenon can draw a parallel with these "dreams in reality" when the mind has to do with imaginary figures and people will figure that out, but the dream is seen very clearly and realistically. But there is a reverse process. The subconscious mind can manipulate real images to create fictional dreams, but is perceived as real events. And they both have a place on the edge of consciousness and subconsciousness.

Independent observers

Currently under several related experiments in order to test the reality of abductions. One of them — this is a survey of one third of the witnesses, which can be likened to passers-by noticed a bank robbery. It is those who watched from the outer kidnapping, not being victims. Until recently, the only credible the fact recorded in Manhattan (New York) in November 1989. And this case investigated Budd Hopkins. Several independent witnesses stated that they saw the woman escaped from the window of his apartment, accompanied by the "gray" beings. Then it was placed inside a UFO, which plunged into the river. When these people come to talk about their observations of Hopkins, he was subjected to hypnosis and the woman was able to compare the message of observers with her story. In addition, he has helped the patient to recall a medical examination on board a UFO.

At first glance, this case looks quite impressive. But it was received skeptically among ufologists because few researchers have dared to sacrifice their reputation for supporting this rather atypical case. But their mileage may vary due to recent events, which I will discuss below. It is known that at least six other cases, independent observers saw abducted at a time when these people, as they later reported to get inside the UFO. However, all these observers categorically state that the victim will not physically tolerated. They were in a state of altered consciousness, and they were either considered drunk, or in deep sleep or in a state of catatonic trance. This confirms the fact that all sources of information about the abduction claim that they occur in a state of altered consciousness. '

Lorna Goldfeyder experiments and team of psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists from the Research Institute of UFOs in Canada at the present time are dedicated to enter the subconscious suffered abduction team, which they could use in the event of future kidnappings. Long-term studies are conducted to determine how these commands affect the psyche of contactees, and to compare the memories of the same people after several abductions.

The fact that the information about his encounters with UFOs should be treated with caution, indicates an event that occurred in Manchester (England) in November 1993. A woman with a video camera recorded the light in the sky. This case was investigated by the local group of ufologists, NARO. After objective study, they concluded that, apparently, it was a weather balloon. Meanwhile, another group of the local UFO, not knowing anything about the conclusion of NARO, met with the witness and they had a conversation post-hypnotic suggestion. As a result, according to reports, the woman has experienced the illusion of contact — it is "remembered" as she was taken out and placed in a strange place.

Thus, instead of collecting reliable information was undermined confidence in the phenomenon itself and to researchers in the field of the paranormal. Of course, the conclusion of NARO could be wrong. But if it was just a probe, and subsequent recollection of the abduction occurred as a result of hypnotic experiments, this would call into question all the "memories" that are often manifested in other experiments.

In addition, there are cases that remain in the conscious memory of contactees, and it is still a mystery to anyone who tries to explain the current phenomenon. For example, a businessman, was returning home in the early morning, for a few seconds, stopped the car on a road near the Face in Staffordshire. He saw a strange glow that quickly moved toward him. Then he remembered how, in a state of shock, he hid behind a tree and fly off. He woke up nearly naked, and his clothes were neatly folded at the car. When he put on his pants, he found that they sparkle as if charged with static electricity.

"Oz Factor"

In another case, a woman with her boyfriend were traveling along a deserted road in Suffolk, to visit friends, when he appeared in the sky mystery

lubye lights and engine of the car stalled. When people got out to check what was going on around established sudden silence, not even birds chirping. This is a characteristic feature of one of the types of meetings with UFOs, known to researchers as "Ozfaktor." Then the lights floated toward people. The woman suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to get closer to the light and join the circle formed by the ray. Following her memory — she stands next to a buddy. Only later, they found that three hours of time is somehow fallen out of their minds.

Much later, desperate to fill the gap that was making her life miserable, she decided to undergo post-hypnotic suggestion. But after, thanks to hypnosis, in her mind alive scene when a creature with gray skin and huge black eyes subjected her medical examination and report that it has to make an alien child, a woman in panic. So far, her body visible scars. Despite the fact that by the time the contact was only a woman of twenty-one and, according to doctors, she had up to this point, good health, it is now, obviously, can not have children.

Cases like this are recorded every year and mean that these mysterious phenomena are chemto more than an illusion.

The most recent evidence

And now I would like to draw your attention to a very significant event that took place in Australia, and was fixed to casual observers. One of the main participants in the investigation of this case were Bill Chalker, a chemical engineer, and renowned UFO researcher John Oshattl.

It happened early in the morning of August 8, 1993, when a young woman and her husband drove the car between Monblankom and Faungin about Belgrave Gate in Dandenongs. They saw in the sky something unusual, we stopped to look, and then moved on. Was seen near the other car, and its passengers, obviously, also saw what was happening. The woman and her husband were going his way, and had no idea who their fellow travelers.

The memory of past events began to return to the woman a few weeks after the experience. It began to torment nightmarish visions. A tall figure leaning over her, and she seemed out of her body something suck or pull. She also saw other developments relating these dreams that came after a meeting with UFOs. The woman was admitted to the hospital, as an issue of blood and her stomach began to appear strange triangular signs. The doctors said that her condition like a miscarriage, but was taken aback when she firmly stated that it is pregnant.

The investigation, which lasted throughout 1994, found that a woman's husband has always clearly recalled that he had seen a UFO in being tall. Indications women on board for inspection overgrown details and did not depend on hypnosis, which applied only once.

After a brief search was discovered by researchers other cars. There were a man and woman and their friend, who did not know that someone else besides them watched the UFO, because the first couple did not publicize his story. Three new witnesses have also seen this higher being, but nobody talked about it. Post-hypnotic suggestion, which was subjected to these witnesses, helped me to understand that the memories of witnesses related.

It is too early to say how important this will be the case, but Bill Chalker wisely said, "does not help the victims of abduction approval proponents of the existence of aliens and their opponents will not convince skeptical. These people need help in confronting the tests that fell to their lot, regardless of the of whether they represent us banal or extraordinary. "

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