Wick — humorous newsreel 1960 watch online

Wick - humorous newsreel 1960 watch online
The famous Russian humorous newsreel "Wick" was created to criticize so harmful to the phenomenon of Russian society, the bureaucracy, bribery, theft and drunkenness. Issue "Wick" has become a tradition before the screening of feature films in cinemas that showed instead of advertising.

The first time, "wick" beheld a long 60 years of the last century, and the last issue was released in September 2008. The creator of the television program was Sergei Mikhalkov — the creator of many nursery rhymes and fables. "Wick" was so popular that it does not disdain to be removed by such famous actors as Morgounov, Vitsin, Nikulin. Shoot for "wick" was honored even by Leonid Gaidai.

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