Will the cruiser Varyag aircraft carrier, the Chinese?

Will the cruiser "Varyag" aircraft carrier, the Chinese?

Against the background of blog-posts — particularly zealous Chinese Internet writers — looks interesting message of the official Chinese news agency Xin-Hua, which is located images of Trapped in Ukraine (under construction at the shipyard in Nikolayev more for the Navy) aircraft-carrying cruiser "Varyag". With notes, that was supposed to be sent to the scrap battle ship can be fully reconstructed included with the Navy of China. East knows how to keep its secrets. And yet penetrated some information about what the South China Sea is considered political control of China not only as a possible theater of war, and how the internal space of the PRC, located purely controlled by the Chinese navy.

Launch fully combat-ready "Varyag", restored and brought to a suitable condition at Chinese shipyards fully able to shake the cup quite a few of the delicate balance of confrontation fleets in the region. No wonder some Chinese bloggers contrive vengeance in their own publications on the topic of Fukushima. In their opinion, the tragedy at the nuclear plant was to disguise the effects of only conducted in 100 kilometers from the eastern excessive in relation to the Pacific coast of the Land of the Rising Sun secret tests of the first ever "Land of the Rising Sun" modern nuclear device. A certain nervousness manifests and the administration in Washington. Success of the Chinese economy, coupled with the growing claim to supremacy in those waters that are perpetually controlling the number of territorial belonging to the state, forcing management U.S. react very strongly to the possible launch of the first Chinese aircraft carrier.

Will the cruiser "Varyag" aircraft carrier, the Chinese?

Submissions unnamed professionals that as long as China does not acquire the aircraft carrier group of at least 3 ships, capable of providing aircraft with a mass start their own sites, subject to criticism just can not because of senselessness of such statements. And, by the way, it does not refute the fact that the Chinese management not concerned about building their own aircraft carriers. Strategy for their use of Chinese naval officers fully could get during training in different Russian military academies. And it can only increase the anxiety Yankees. After almost five or six years, China will be able to bring to the Pacific combat-ready squadron of ships with the aircraft on board. Neither the U.S. nor the land of the rising sun itself does not seem a good disposition. But prepyadstviya who will have to decide who imagine themselves responsible for world order powers to intensify times when Americans find out about the experience, which Chinese were studying aircraft construction in the USSR and examples of running and implementation of carrier-based aircraft.

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