Women in Russian history to watch online

Women in Russian history to watch online
History — One of the most important science, because only through it, we are familiar with his past. After all, the man which knows his biography and is not ashamed of it, really is majestic.

Also fundamentally know history of their own country and the people who made everything for its development to be leveled at them, and bring to the public life something of their own. And this project is aimed specifically at to tell about women who have made a significant contribution to the history of Russia.

Each new episode — it is a separate story about the life of one or another girl who sacrificed everything for the sake of his native land. Transfer introduces us to the majestic empresses, professional actresses wise princess, classy women writers, prominent scientists, beloved Mother, economic spouses, well, just a lovers.

Ladies look at Russian history Online a lot of gear

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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