Young Front paratrooper returned to Gomel

Today, after serving in the airborne troops in Gomel returned the Young Andrew Tsianiuta.

"Fired me this morning without provocation, — says Andrey. — Just before the Day of Freedom was the psychological pressure Minsk garrison counterintelligence cautioned against anti-constitutional activities in the unregistered organization" Young Front ".

Mr. Tsianiuta and is now convinced that his call was completely political: first Andrew physicians recognized as unfit for military service because of variations in health, and then mutated and all were taken to the army:

"For half a year, I learned why something. Example, firing rocket-propelled grenades, build relationships in the team."

Andrew says he will not be part of public activity:

"Be sure I will continue social activities. I will fight for the liberation of Dmitry Dashkevich nd my Colleagues Eduard Lobau, with whom we have served nine months in the same company. Well, of course, other political prisoners. "

Personal plans Tsianiuta related to higher education.

Before conscription Andrew studied by correspondence in the Bryansk Agricultural Academy in Russia, but was suddenly dismissed.

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