Zeenat Bi Bhopal — the oldest dwarf in the world!

It has been repeatedly published articles on the site about the old man of our planet. For this right is fighting a lot of people on the planet. But there is another, especially women, who argues that she is already 113 years! And nothing, but the fact is that she is a dwarf —.
Zeenat Bi Bhopal (Zeenat Bi of Bhopal) — an amazing grandmother from India that has survived all his relatives, although the birth of her predicted very short life …

Zeenat Bi Bhopal (Zeenat Bi of Bhopal) according to state pension records has an age of 101 years, but the woman says it was a mistake and she had turned 113 years old. But even with such a 'mistake' 101-year-old Zeenat much older dwarf of Guinness, is 74 years old.

At the height of growth Zeenat only 3 feet (91 cm) and it is a very small single-minded grandmother. She has a list of things she needs to do before he dies. Including see Bollywood star Salman Khan and the hajj to Mecca.

According to Zeenat she still remembers the time of British rule in India, and when the Indian prince Nawab had great influence in the country. If she is really 113 years old, she was born during the reign of Queen Victoria.

— I'm so old that I remember, as a rapidly changing city around me, says Zeenat, — During the British rule, there were practically jungle, there were trees everywhere. I remember the first time I was brought to us bread and English people are so behaved as if nothing have not eaten.

Zeenat Bi Bhopal survived all the members of her family, but she was never married because of his small stature. Its only source of income is the old-age pension of 275 rupees (about 3.7 pounds) per month.

— All I gave it from the bed of the former Chief Minister Uma Bharti. He was also ordered to send me monthly for 2,500 rupees, but that had long been forgotten.

Guardian grandmother Zeenat, Muhammad Abrar Khan (Abrar Muhammad Khan), said that the current government no one remembers and do not care about the old dwarf. It is sometimes used to show the guests as a curiosity, but nobody cared how she lives.

In Zeenat cataract and lack of calcium in the bones, and in the mouth there are only three teeth. For 20 years she lived in the house of Khan with his family on the Rights of the grandmother. According to Khan, it is considered old cousin, and respect and do not allow even a little work around the house.

Favorite addiction Zeenat is chewing paan (betel view Areco with nuts and tobacco). As recognized by the woman, she can fast, but can not do without a paan.



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