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In the early days of ZetaTalk, we have shown a link between the recent signs that indicate that the magma in some parts of the world under the surface in a tumultuous state, and predicted a linear increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity around the world. The magma is on the move because of the vibrations of the Earth, creating atmospheric disturbances, and when it was recognized that there carefully recorded vibrations all the pieces fell into place. Globe, twisted and opening by unscrewing, tugging at the impact on the earth's crust magnetic influences, opened as the Bank of pickles, ready to face the monstrous Planet X. This explanation website ZetaTalk, made in the months before its usefulness became apparent, and the only one it shows why the North American plate is directly released from strong earthquakes that followed the earthquake in Sumatra that caused the tsunami.

As is the case with the steady increase weather fluctuations, which became apparent only in 1995, when he began work site ZetaTalk, but the unfolding exactly as predicted ZetaTalk, no other explanation for this connection, but ours is not. Maybe — Global Warming? Hardly, magma is not far below the surface and is not exposed to heat from the air. Solar Flares? They are, as we have explained at the beginning ZetaTalk, can affect the radio and cause electrical surges, but not shaken magma. Moon because of any of these factors also took a critical orbit, and adapts to the clutter in the flow of the particles forming a vortex in front of Planet X, we repeat once again — no other explanation for these phenomena, that even though there has been some sense, except our no. In the face of an abundance of evidence that such approaches by something more sinister, the global scientific community was silent. Politicians, unable to create any other enemy, whom they might attack, talk about the course on Global Warming. Astronomers point to avoid the signs of abnormalities of the orbit, none of them wants breaking the silence, which they pledged to keep, to risk his family, especially his career and life. Meteorologists cheerfully cite statistics, recognizing the daily number of record breaking that looks phenomenal, but away from any discussion about what it might lead to. While Hollywood is allowed from time to time publish fiction of the separate pieces of the final of the phenomenon, such as the monstrous tidal waves or a sudden change in climate, the media avoid reproducing the real drama. These are the rules of concealment.

Meanwhile, the ordinary person is told that there is no evidence that within our solar system is Planet X, which came in 2003 in a cloud of red dust that hides herself so tightly that no light is not reflected from it, although the abundant photos and visual observations indicate the presence of this hidden world, outlining its way slowly past the Sun. NASA may know about it, but clearly follows the line of the White House, and can be summed up under the National Security Act, but says nothing about it, along with the Navy and observatories around the world who are related by such oaths, the more so in the last few decades began arriving flock of UFOs. Do not hide in respect of UFOs and aliens? And Peter Jennings, who recently made a special documentary program, which spoke of the executed Air Force Project "Blue Book", pleaded not hide this fact? Is not there a cover? Is Hoover for 40 years has not claimed that his enemies were gay, and all the while secretly everywhere adorned in a pink tutu (skirt open, because he was gay)? Has the world ever accurate explanation of the reasons for the assassination of John F. Kennedy may have committed a single bullet, even though the film had been several outbreaks of gunfire, and one bullet could cause such damage, reported by and leave intact?

The proof is there, and before you lie exposed, but only increase the clarity of the picture, when they laid out all the pieces of the problem, as part of the puzzle that you need to collect. It's not just the weather has almost doubled in the past year by wildness. Not just something that you can show the sky above his head, where the moon in its monthly cycle, from time to time so out of its orbit, which is puzzling and grandparents, who had never seen such a sight. This is all the pieces together and then, what explanation covers them all. The only explanation is addressed to all phenomena, is given in the message site ZetaTalk, and the central place is occupied by Planet X. Thus, there is proof!

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