Zimbabwe. Mystical series resurrections of the dead

Zimbabwe — A country that is known for its poverty, perpetual drought, famine and magic voodoo. In the town of Gweru recorded the second case over a short period when the dead man comes to life, getting out of the coffin and scaring others to death …

About a week ago in a South African family has been an accident — death 34-year-old lady Brighton (Brighton Dama). After recovering from the shock of mourners began to prepare for the funeral, which was to be held in a few days.

Those wishing to pursue Brighton last journey had gathered quite a few — were among the invited friends, colleagues and employer of the deceased. The queue of mourners lined up near the coffin with the body, gradually moved forward, and suddenly the impossible happened — the deceased moved the lower limb.

"I was the first to see the movement of his leg — says the employer African Offer hook (Lot Gaka). — I was standing in line to say goodbye to Brighton. At first I thought it seemed to me, but then when the others began to exchange glances, convinced of the reality of what is happening. "

In the eyes of astonished people, "the dead man" opened his eyes, and then sat down in a coffin. We must pay tribute to the brave invited — they did not flee, but only departed from the wooden sarcophagus.

Man "back" in time, because the family was soon going to complete the funeral ceremony and proceed to the burial of the body, said the site Huffington Post.

People immediately taken to escape the burden of African local hospital, where doctors told what happened at the funeral. Staff at hospital hooked 34-year-old patient to a life-support devices and examined it carefully.

At the end of two days of lively and healthy Brighton Dame was discharged from the hospital.

It should be noted that the resurrection of the dead in Zimbabwe is apparently not such a rarity. As previously reported on FederalPost, at Maynor is located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, from the "dead" rebelled prostitute.

During intercourse, a woman collapsed on the bed and customer called the hotel manager, saying that was a dead body in the room. After some time at the police came with a steel coffin, which was pronounced dead confused.

However, they take the dead woman was not possible — it has risen from the sarcophagus, shouting: "You want to kill me!"



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