Zombies in America again being felt in 2013

In just the past two days off 22 and June 23, 2013 were again recorded cases of assault Zombies in the U.S.. In both incidents crazed people eating creatures

On Saturday, June 22 male from Houston, Texas, after taking a synthetic drug, tore off her clothes and began running around the house on all fours, growling and strongly scaring their friends. One of the men, afraid of his behavior, locked him in a room, but "zombies" made it through the window at the top of the door and heavily wounded by shrapnel. This did not stop him.

Moreover, he smeared his hands in his blood, much of the ensuing injuries and eagerly tried to get her to drink. When the dog-terrier of his friends jumped into the kitchen, the man screamed and pounced on the dog, beating it. He beat her nearly to death, and then when the dog was still alive, he began to gnaw the dog's body, eating meat and wool.

Doing this for him and caught the police and rescue workers arrived from the rescue service. To calm the "zombies", they used a taser stun him, then tied up and taken to a psychiatric hospital Houston. They stated that a man severely weakened from blood loss and dementia caused by synthetic drug K-2.

The second incident occurred early Sunday morning in a house in the south of Houston. When police arrived on the scene, it seemed to them that they are present in a scene from a horror movie. Mexican woman named Otty Sanchez was covered with blood and cuts and something heart-rending scream.

Soon, the police finally pulled down her words and it got really bad. This mother killed her 18-month-old child had eaten part of his body and then began to cut herself. The remains of the child in the bedroom confirmed her words.

Sanchez similarly taken to a psychiatric hospital, which also stated that the cause of her insanity was the synthetic drug.


Again drugs. What bath salts was all my fault, and now something else napletut. Brrrr … yuck.


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