Zombies in America. Fresh news. We arm!

And once again the Zombies in America. The company Hornady Manufacturing Company has released a special ammunition able to kill zombies! And nothing, but they are riveted to a movie, more like a publicity next game Resident Evil. It carries a skull jolly American living dead just to smithereens. But that's not all. this video was popular in America Award People's Telly Award. Well, not just words. Although there are: paranoia!

"Be ready to zombigeddonu!" According to its website, advertising the brand to pacify the zombie ammo Z-MAX for pistols, rifles and shotguns.

"Zombigeddon" comes from the word "zombie" and "Armageddon" and now attacks the Americans almost daily: AMC TV frantically advertises the third season of the hit series "The Walking Dead", and on Wednesday the channel FXM will once again be televised comedy "Welcome to Zombieland. "

In addition, the recent reports of cannibalism in the U.S. and other countries come to the melancholy regularity.

In short, Hornady threw a novelty on the market in very good time, and ammunition against the zombies are coming to cheer. In many gun stores are sold out, and not only by hunters or target shooters: they are snapping up as souvenirs and people who have no weapons.

In early June, infomercial company in which a brutal man in black with a machine gun mowing down swinging on the go zombie, was honored with the People's Telly Award, reports the BBC.

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