Zombies in America. October 2012. A zombie apocalypse is going on!

A new wave of zombie attacks in America people! The other day, Tampa police was shot nude woman, which threatened to devour them, and yesterday, in California, was shot and killed a naked man, podzhegshy trashed the house and standing next to the car!

A naked man appeared on the street, was smashing parked cars, and then burst into the house and set it on fire, and when the police arrived outfit emerged with a shotgun, apparently taken in the house and sent him in the stomach policeman before being shot by police.

Police Lt. Lee Horton said that the man was completely naked and behaved aggressively. A strange incident happened on Sunday morning.

According to the police shotgun, a man who threatened police — was charged. Under investigation.

Earlier, around 1:15 pm in Hernando County, north of Tampa police shot a naked woman, as it seemed to them armed, after the woman began to behave strangely — threatened to devour the representatives of law and order and shouted "Antichrist will come!".

Police Department does not specify what prompted the two strong and armed police to open fire and make a lot of shots on the totally naked and skinny women does not have the muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Specifies only that the police had to make a lot of shots that would kill a woman oblivious to the gunshot wounds.

Once a woman to "calm" shot in the head, it turned out that no weapons with him she did not have that consent is not surprising, given the fact that she was completely naked and hide the weapon she was simply nowhere, but why not it was obvious the two cops shot her?

This is not the first case in the United States, and one of a series of strange events involving people who behave like zombies. All of these cases combine several features in common:

* Zombies are naked
* Zombies have not been previously seen in wrongdoing
* The authorities blamed everything on the drugs, but in each case is declared guilty of a new drug
* Zombies are attacking people, biting, tearing flesh and eats it
* Zombie shout out phrases that sound religious names — Jesus, the Antichrist, the Devil, Satan
* Zombies do not feel pain and survive multiple gunshot wounds, they can only kill shot in the head

What makes these people act this way?

If the culprit — drugs, it would be logical if they had used a drug in such an unusual way of influencing the subconscious, but police reports referred to different drugs.

Why they were all killed, not arrested?

Strong police, and in most cases it was not one police officer, and a few — do not detain people, and letting them shoot your entire clip guns!

Why are they deliberately shot, finishing off a shot to the head, if the majority of cases, these people are not armed?



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