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New Jersey police arrived on the driver's call reporting the attack on him aggressive man who constantly moaned. Law enforcement officers had no idea what surprises await them after the violent arrest of a citizen.

Seeing that the detainee is behaving inappropriately, the police decided to take him to the hospital, that doctors were able to provide the necessary assistance unbalanced prisoner.

Arriving at the hospital, unmanaged citizen and does sold: began to gnaw his handcuffs and then spat at a police officer.

After psychiatrists examined the raging man, took him under guard in a company car, which was to take a detainee in prison Hudson County.

During the trip, the police felt bad, worse with each passing second. Inspection of the offender, still being in hospital clothes, confirmed their fears: inadequate bowel movement passenger in the back seat of the patrol car.

But this was not enough for the detained men: in a few minutes, he chewed off my finger, and then carefully examined him and swallowed.

Shocked by the guards deployed car and rushed back to the hospital, determined to pass a stinking cannibal in the caring hands of psychiatrists for another, more thorough inspection.


Again black U.S. citizen. The amazing regularity. Not so long ago read an article about the development of weapons that will destroy people based on race, on the basis of particular genes. Of course it can and it is some new "crap", but too suspicious and fearful.


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