Zombies in America. We continue to eat bath salts!

News. Zombies in America.
Again, the brain distorts the reality of black Americans from the new synthetic drugs that are made from bath salts. Another case of zombie cannibalism could occur on the golf course. This time the 21 year old Lavenchur Carl (Karl Laventure) ran out of the woods naked, shouting that the person will eat …

Watch Online Zombies in America Lavenchur Carl (Karl Laventure):

As it turned out, psycho Lavenchur name is Karl (Karl Laventure). Officially, it was another addict of bath salts. He appeared on the sudden, out of the woods nearby, was made naked, waving his arms and shouting.

When police arrived on the challenge and began to carry out the detention, Carl struggled violently and threatened to eat them. According to police, the detainee had incredible power and they barely managed to twist it.

Before that, they tried to calm him with tear gas, but for some reason he almost had no effect. In the video, filmed at the time of arrest, it is seen as a man shouts some nonsense and threatens to eat everyone.

-I'll eat you! My God, my God, do not make me eat you! -Shouted Lavenchur.

When the police overpowered Carla, it sort of calmed down, but again began to whoop it up when he was taken to the hospital. Jumping on chairs and tried to attack the nurse. Police said they had shot 14 times in the psycho of Taser (gun that shoots two dart (electrode) to the wires that dig into the victim's body, and affects human discharge of electrical current (now — 50 thousand volts, in earlier models used charge less power) before being able to restrain it and handcuffed.

-Had never seen anything like this, says the officer Ross Hancock (Ross Hancock) of the Gwinnett County Police Department.



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