A.Bandarenka: Require compensation of judges of unjust sentences

The prosecutor's office issued a protest to the City Court's decision on the recognition of innocent businessman and politician Andrei Bondarenko. March 22 the court decided to acquit and release from custody UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko because of his innocence and his actions in the absence of evidence.

Galina Abakunchik:
About your innocence and your release from custody, it was announced on March 22. Where and what were doing all this time?

And speaking of December 19, there is an event in the colony was widely seen as tragic for Belarus

Andrei Bondarenko: All this time I have devoted to the family: he was at home with his father, along with his wife and daughter. I was not used in the morning to see his wife and daughter, it was unusual not to rush to build. In itself, that if you do not see a two-year child, and now constantly hear from him — Dad, Dad — this is beyond words …. I managed to feel like a bit of a free man. Meanwhile, the prosecutor's office before April 1, issued a protest against the verdict of the Minsk City Court. In the coming weeks we will know when the Supreme Court as the court of cassation, consider this protest. Hopefully, the Supreme Court upheld the sentence unchanged.

Abakunchik: What did you know about the events in the prison regarding the elections and as you all on this?

Bondarenko: There were some difficulties of the information plan, when I was in jail on Volodarskogo — for some reason there did not miss the newspaper. If placed directly in the colony, no restrictions were not there and more or less owned the information about what's going on. And speaking of Dec. 19, there is an event in the colony was widely seen as tragic for Belarus. And the people who were behind bars, including the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, now we will make every effort to secure their release.

Abakunchik: And his release what connect you with?

Bondarenko: Here you can express a lot of different versions, but it is difficult to say exactly now — time to melt all the places.

: Your stay in jail — what was it? And what can you say about those statements that are made Mikhalevich of their release from prison KGB?

I believe that financial compensation would be a good idea to take with those judges who endured unjust sentences — including — Pershamaiski Court judge

Bondarenko: By itself, the prison — the system that now exists — it aims to break a man. And for this index has some methods that use wardens and prison staff. What was said Ales of torture — I can not znyapravzhvats. No one knows that today in jail — especially Zhodino, Vitebsk — prisoners beaten. I was placed in a chamber that was completely white-washed — even the toilet. In this case, it was removed from the pre-broom or a cloth that. We had to tear that towels that were with him, how to deal with it. In addition, as for the Queen, the conditions here are totally unacceptable: overcrowding, the temperature reaches 50 degrees, and they are not pravetryvayutstsa. And at the same time say that torture is not? I would agree more with Ales and ready to confirm that yes, indeed there are such methods of administration. This is a problem that we — UCP and I — as a person parayshov this system — we will raise and to ensure that it has been discontinued.

Abakunchik: The things you say you were at the time when they were innocent man. Will seek financial compensation for the moral, physical and material losses?

Bondarenko: Once the decision is a higher court and the verdict will come in and void if the law allows, then, of course, as a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, I will use this right. But at the same time, I believe that financial compensation would be a good idea to take with those judges who endured unjust sentences — including — Pershamaiski court judge. Should also be responsible chief inspector KRU Finance Protasevich Gennady which constituted an audit of the company and on the basis of this audit, I was charged. And in the course of the investigation, it became known that there is no corresponding Protasiewicz education. How he ended up in the Ministry of Finance and the CSG and the chief auditor? I think that most issues are not only and not so much to the state, and the issues to the people who took these incompetent solutions.

Abakunchik: Can you tell us about your plans for the near future?

Bondarenko: The most important thing that I dedicate myself — is to facilitate that as soon as possible Anatoly Lebedko was released. And knowing the system from the inside, knowing how many people are wrongly convicted, we will make every effort to support them — is the main direction in which we would like to do.

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