A former district center, which was freed from NATO


The township Gresk that is located away from the highway Minsk — Sluck, something unlikely to impress the traveler. All that was here historically special, burned in the last war and destroyed for advice. Is that church, converted from a former cinema, will attract attention. Initiator recovery Gresskaya temple — a former history teacher Aleksandr Novik.


In addition to the church ales in his backyard made a kind of museum of ethnography in the open. Took the old stupas, infiltrated and other wooden instruments of peasant life. Painted them. Built a small mill-vyartak.


— I see a lot of abandoned houses. I like to dig deeper. Out of habit, it happened, you come — something lying around, dies. Here and collected. At first thought, people will plunder. No. Themselves, happened, something trays. Children come. It's the memory of our past. What it was, good or bad, it's the past. But let the memory remains. Let them be remembered. Memories of childhood — the brightest. People have invested their job, lived it. And suddenly — that it disappeared? Here is a piece of a human soul in every thing there is. Though she remains. This soul is transferred to the memory of their ancestors.

Ales yard has become a favorite place to play the surrounding kids. Frankly, I'm hearing them neatly natural Belarusian language.


— In Minsk does not.

And Grandma ezhkoy sitting here. Over there, in the house.

— What's this?


Cast iron.

— And where have you been, except Gresskaya?

In Moscow, Minsk.

I will go to the sea. Swimming, sunbathing.

— Where the sea?

At the White Sea.

— At the White're not sunbathing. What is Belarus?

Belarus? It's a planet.

— The planet?

So. People live. It's all there.

Agree, very poetic response sounded from the lips of five year old girl. Belarus — a planet! Language for the inhabitants of this small planet Gresskaya can be calm. At school they go to primary school teacher Anna Miklashevich. Who recently released his first collection of poetry.

Anna Miklashevich:

Poems are born as children.

Each outdoor shower.

Their beginning is not in this world,

And in heaven, where Mass is ringing …


— I believe that Belarusians have to live in Russian, and think in Russian, and speak and write. To hear descendants. All the more so teacher. I work in the Belarusian-language school and proud of it, that whiteRussian language Danosha to children. It is necessary that we and our children are more often heard our language. It's not often you hear it on the First channel. To have been less trasyanki that our leaders talked more in their native language. Even at the district level.

Alexander Moskalevich — old resident of the village. Although the old man retired, but continue to work on the tractor in the local SEC. After all, young people lack. Born after the war, Alexander knows about the old Gresk only from the stories of their parents and grandparents.


— It was a great place. This fair took place. On Bagatnika and Elijah.

— From that tradition is nothing left?

— No. As a district we have become, then banned and celebrate the festival. The villages still full celebrated. Musicians hired relatives invited. But in our area is not allowed. Here in the heart of stone road. And what kind of stone? The church was surrounded by two-meter fence stone. So scattered that fence and road pavyrablyali. And the sidewalks were made of wood. And as the district scatters, nothing good was gone. In the Invalides district committee did.

Moskalevich story about the war proves once again that Belarus it had the character of a civil war. When the former dispossessed took revenge by former communists.

— As the war began, again made the church. And as retreating policemen themselves pazapalvali their homes. And the center lit up. All burnt to the ground.

— Why are they didand?

— To have nothing left. A lot ran away. With people who abuse costing, those escaped and pavarochalisya. And who was in the battalion so … Polls all the men were. Because if you do not want to go to the police, then you sympathize with the Soviet government. The war began. Called everyone. And one was an activist. So he was hiding. And one who dekulakize, recognized him and gave. Brought here and shot.

— This happened in public?

— Public!

Gresk was a district center1954, year. That couple Gresskaya destroyed traditional festivals and left a few Stalinist buildings with porticos. Today, abandoned and lifeless, they look some houses ghost. Alexander Novikov word.


— There was a factory of home work. Were sewing machines. Seventy people worked there. About a hundred home orders were taken. Here and NATO gave the order. Aggressive block. Sewed backpacks for the army.

— How long Gresk freed from NATO?

— For ten years, perhaps. Was closed. The building is empty.

— And not only this one …

— And the bakery is abandoned. And the rubber band did forty women working. And there have thrown all parastsyagvali. The whole economic problem that brainless management can not organize the people. People — if only there was no war. Rejoice to live.

— If this is not war, then what is it?

— Do not think about the children. How will the children live?

— The election was whether Gresskaya topic of conversation?

— No. I cite this example is interesting. Riding the bus. Two women sitting. After the election just happened. And argue. One by Lukashenko and one against. All bus listens. They quarrel. Spittle flying from his mouth. And I was in a good mood. I said, "a woman, stop, let people listen." I said: "People. Raise your hand who voted for Lukashenko. " The bus was traveling about forty people. All were silent. And Lukashenko raised for five people. I say, "So what are you, Grandma, arguing? Look at the people. All this says." And on that.

In1920 year, when the uprising flared Slutskoe the inhabitants Gresskaya parish was established department number 150 soldiers. Commanded a detachment officer of
the former empire Nicholas turns. Or not his distant relative Gresskaya now teaches children to love the motherland through the Belarusian author's song? Meet. Michael turns.


— I teach career education. I have two mugs. Teach children to play the guitar. And pop song. And at the same time writing songs for children. They speak with them. "The inflorescence of talent." This contest is in Belarus. I myself the last two or three years, the song became interested in tourism.

— From your studies in children added respect for the mother tongue?

— Yes. We dominance of Russian pop music. The Russian language — the main language of the stage. I'm on my level, I try to teach the children to sing in the Belarusian …



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