A lightning strike in the Airbus A380

12 maya.V A380 aircraft airline of the United Arab Emirates, en route from Dubai to the UK capital London, on approach to Heathrow Airport UK struck by lightning. This dramatic moment in the last month withdrew photographer Chris Dawson, who was on the south-west London. Video recording was published on Wednesday by the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

On the video you can see how a bolt of lightning split of the cockpit. Despite this event, Airbus few minutes after impact landed safely at the destination. None of the crew and 500 passengers was hurt. The aircraft also did not receive any damage.

Chris Dawson told the publication that night in the sky storm clouds gathered, and he realized that he could be removed spectacular flashes of lightning. Plane accidentally hit the camera lens.

Published by the British aerospace weekly magazine Flight International Lirmaunt David said he is not surprised by the fact that the largest passenger aircraft in the world Airbus A380 escaped damage from lightning. According to the expert, the lightning enter the aircraft several times a year. Thus, the task of air equipment manufacturers is to make aircraft able to withstand such an impact.

A lightning strike in the Airbus A380

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