A.Manaev: Those who trusted the government, the credibility of the president after the explosion only increase

Famous Belarusian sociologist Oleg Manayeu does not believe that the balance of social and political forces and sentiments in an explosion in the subway, "October" will change substantially.
Tsigankov: How the Belarusians, and other nations to react in such situations from the point of view of social behavior? One can predict dissatisfaction with the authorities, which did not prevent the attack, or, on the contrary, the association around the power? What's more likely?
Manayeu: The experience of the explosion on July 3 2008, we can predict the next. The part that did not trust the government — it has confidence will be strengthened. Those who trust the government or doubt — they have confidence will increase. And because, trust authorities, we have more, I'm waiting just such a reaction. But this does not mean that there will be some "unity of the nation" around the power — it's not likely.
But the most simple — people will be more careful to behave more hope for myself, less trusting of others. So it's a negative reaction.
Tsigankov: As far as most people can trust the version of the explosion, which has the power?
Manayeu: It is correct for the balance of the political sympathies of the Belarusians. A schedule is not changing. About half of the trust the government, and considers its current order that suits them. About one-third believe that it is not for them. And some events that have dramatically changed the balance in the last 19 years did not happen.
And I think that the situation with the explosion, regardless of the version of the authorities, will fall on those who are willing to believe everything, and have no effect on those who would oppose. I do not think that the balance of social and political forces and sentiments in the explosion change significantly.


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