A month area of Arctic sea ice has increased by 1.5 times!

The average area of Arctic sea ice in October 2010, was the third smallest in the period of satellite observations and reached 7.69 million square kilometers. This is a 1.60 million square kilometers less than the rates calculated on a number of observations of 1979-2000, but 920,000 square kilometers more record low, recorded in October 2007, reports fobos.tv. The surprise was the quick growth of ice. Satellite monitoring of the National Weather Service said the U.S. increased by 1.5 times the area!
The average area of Arctic sea ice in September 2010 was 4.90 million square kilometers, 2.14 million square miles less than the average for the period 1979 — 2000., But a 600 thousand square kilometers more than in September 2007

An area has been below normal everywhere except in the East Greenland Sea. This — the third in the history of satellite observations of the lowest value after 2007, followed by a decreasing trend in 2008 ice area for the period 1979-2010 years is 81.4 thousand square kilometers per year, or 11.5% per decade. The National Snow and Ice Center (USA) causes melting of ice called the atmospheric and oceanic conditions.

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