A monument to the first Russian judoist

September 9, 2012 in sports "Olympian" (Vladivostok) was inaugurated bust Oshchepkovo Basil — the founder of the first school of judo in Russia and the founder of the Soviet school of martial art of sambo.

A bust was timed for the 120th anniversary of the birth of the athlete.
Oshchepkov Vladimirov is the founder of the Soviet school of judo. He was also one of the founders of the Soviet system of control "self-defense without weapons" (Sambo). Oshchepkov born in 1892 on about. Sakhalin. From 1911 he studied at the Academy of Judo "Kodokan", which at that time was headed by the founder of the school of judo founder Jigoro Kano. Oshchepkov was the first Russian who earned the title of master of Judo "Kodokan". Returning to Russia in 1914, began teaching judo Oshchepkov in amateur circles. Later, in 1929, Basil Oshchepkov took part in the creation of more sophisticated control system, known as Sambo.
Since the opening of the monument coincided with the date of closing of the APEC summit, the opening ceremony was attended by not only the officials and athletes of Primorye, but also visitors from abroad. When opening was Yasuhiro Yamashita — Vice President of the University, "current", a five-time world champion and Olympic champion, winner of the eighth given Mr. Miyagawa, Minister of the Embassy of Japan in Russia Masami Iijima, CEO and President of "Mitsui & Co.. Ltd ".
Present at the opening of the vice-governor welcomed Ivan Mostovich edge. He said in his speech that the bust open in memory of a man who has devoted a lifetime sport and has presented the world a new sport, which is still engaged millions of athletes around the world.

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