A reasonable explanation of mysticism




For a good half of the mystical film stretches a long train of mysterious accidents. This is — an old tradition, it originated in the days of silent film. For example, shooting the film "Nosferatu" in 1922, followed by mysterious disappearances and even deaths of participants.

Half a century later, director William Friedkin could not understand why on the set of "The Exorcist" Ellen Burstyn was unwilling to utter the phrase: "I believe in the devil." Did the actors encounter with the devil on the screen is considered a bad omen?

Sergei Bezrukov (actor): "Play something from the evil ones — in any case, the satanic forces — in any case. Can not, do not want and will not."

When Keanu Reeves died in a car lover and seriously ill sister, someone immediately rushed to write off these tragedies to the movie "The Devil's Advocate." And despite the fact that the release of the movie and the incident separated two years, the public had not thought of. The public is generally quite selective regards accidents.

If the creators of "Troy" Hurricane — this freak of nature, and if during the operation of the tape "The Passion of the Christ" there was a storm — this is a sign from above. The fire, which destroyed the scenery of "Pirates of the Caribbean" — the usual accident and fire on the set of "The Exorcist" — a mystic.

William Friedkin (director): "All Fired! And why there was a fire — is unclear. We had to stop shooting for six weeks. And build anew! Periodically, something went wrong. Eventually, we decided to invite a priest who blessed the movie set . After that, things got better. "

Another story — about the movie "The Exorcist: The Beginning" (in our box office from 17 March), which was to take John Frankenheimer.

Liam Neeson (actor): "I am a long time been associated with this project. But then director John Frankenheimer died, and I refused to appear."

Replaced Frankenheimer directed by Renny Harlin, the day before the shooting had an accident and broke his leg. "Mystery!" — Thinks the audience. But he was and would never be called supernatural at least one of the numerous injuries Jackie Chan. Injustice? Not at all. Just Chan plays a comedic action movies, and they are nothing to do with mysticism do not have. But once a person encounter with the history of the divine or diabolical properties, both in my head all sorts of thoughts.

Vladimir Bortko (director): "What are you all on the mystical pull? Mystery arises when there is nothing more to say. Did people have a bad performance, it has nothing to say about, say, but three times the light went out.'s When there is the mystic."

With this approach, any incident can be a reasonable explanation. And then everything will be mystical or unfortunate set of circumstances, or the usual display of superstition, or the result of deliberate inflame ingenious creators of the mystical movie. They know that impressionable viewers who are in need of the supernatural, a lot. Hence, the demand for high mystique.


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