A spokesman for Minsk police Lastouski Freedom from the explosion site

Call our correspondent Oleg Hruzdzilovich to spokesman Alexander Lastovskogo Minsk police found on the site of the explosion on the platform of the metro station "October."

Lastouski"I ask you to pass the information to the media. Now I'm at the station, see that is occur until all is very difficult, but I ask you to inform, let people watch the site of the city militia, which will soon be calling the hot line, which will be organized. More I do not say anything. "

Reporter"The number of victims can not you tell?".

"I can not. Now I am by these fragments. It is evident that there was an explosion, car pokorezhen. Yes, there is a crater on the platform. There is no fire, and, it seems, was not. While there may be something somehow and flashed. But now I do not see the fire. "

Reporter"And there's blood?".

"Yes, there is. All, sorry. And be sure to pass that followed zasaytom Minsk police, will soon have phones hot line ".


accident, explosion

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