Abducted by aliens Ukrainians invited on TV

In the studio talk show "Talking Ukraine" (channel "Ukraine"), November 20, 2012 once again looked into the family history of Voronezh city of Dubno Rivne region.

Olga, 29, and 34-year-old Vladimir sure that came into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, for the past several years, the husband and wife say they were kidnapped and held alien experiments on them. This case is already firmly entrenched in the annals of both domestic and world of ufology, but Krapka the "i" so in this case has not yet been set.

Filming the program took place in Kiev 28.07.2012, the transfer saw broadcast on TRK "Ukraine" is almost 3 months. To understand all this vague story that for several years now roams the pages of Ukrainian and international media, in the studio, its main moderator Alex Sukhanov, invited psychologists, ufologists and various public figures who are not afraid to speak on such a controversial topic and odious as abduction human aliens from other worlds (in practice, the UFO phenomenon is described by the term "abduction").

V.Voronezhsky himself, at the end of filming said: "Before you send more than two hours I was interviewed on a polygraph on the U.S. and Russian methods. Operator comments polygraph, in brief: some aspects of the story partly invented. Justification part fiction — it took many years, the psychological pressure hand, the missing points for the sake of completeness, that consciousness itself dorisovyvaet plus the fact that I am now actively studying the UFO topic on the internet, that leaves its mark., but never said that I was deceived. "

Discussion of a topic that is being discussed for a long time in the media with a variety of positions, this one took place in the most bitter disputes. V.Voronezhskomu could ignite debate and steadfastly endure ridicule on account veracity of its history. The end of the transmission main party promised in the near future to provide skeptics irrefutable physical evidence of his family contact with aliens. What, where and when — is Vladimir Voronezh did not elaborate.

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