The aliens have taken place and their research not only in animals but also in humans. There were cases where people were abducted sleeping right out of bed or walking in the woods, out of cars, on an empty road. They conducted experiments: they took tissue samples, hair, irradiated rays of unknown origin, some cases very painful injections or incisions, blood was taken. After the experience of the people most often return to the place where they were taken, but there were cases when people are tens of kilometers away from the place of abduction.

Almost all of the stolen have no memories of hours spent, and even days on board a UFO. After the return of many health problems began: people with good health suddenly "mow down" regular flu, some cancers found, people suffered blackouts, headaches, mental disorders, but some have been no negative effects of abduction and Conversely, there came a little better health.

Sometimes during the abduction (although this is not even the abduction: people are invited to enter the UFO) in humans did not conduct any experiments, and just shows the device UFOs, aliens talked about a variety of instruments on board, sometimes there was a flight to the home planet of aliens (but not safe to say that such a trip is really going on, and was not hallucinating or something like that), is not mentioned on the purpose of visiting the alien planet.

Of course, this activity aliens could not ignore neither the public nor the government of the countries in which there were kidnappings. For example, in the U.S. in the abduction of people show interest government, especially the Air Force, and the Pentagon. They were examined, being tested and checked on a lie detector. Some people confess that they themselves came up with the stories of kidnapping. But most people speak the truth: they passed lie detector test results of individuals testified their long stay in zero gravity to hold over them unknown experience, etc.

Sometimes people rassakzyvayut cases where some extraterrestrial arrive on Earth with matrimonial purposes. On one of these representatives of the fair sex meets space known American contactee Howard Menger, his fiancee called herself Marla and claimed that she was born 500 years ago in the constellation Leo. The charm of the beloved space has been so strong that Menger divorced his wife and married Marla, who acquired American citizenship, preferring the comfort of home loneliness interstellar travel.
A similar case occurred in 1952, with Truman Beturamom, fell in love, by his own statement, the beautiful — the captain of the "flying saucer". When his wife found out about Beturama passion of her husband, she immediately demanded a divorce and znalitelnuyu compensation.

One of the first women who have of their own sexual Assertion of relations with a stranger, was Elizabeth Klerer In 1956, she fell in love with INOP-lanetyanina named Akon. which is the self-spacecraft took her to the planet Meton. There, he seduced the earth woman, saying that only a few awarded the honor to bring new blood into their ancient race. As a result, union Ako-on, and Elizabeth was born their son Ayling, then the need for a human woman and an alien has disappeared, he sent her home. Since Elizabeth Klerer lived alone and died in 1994 in South Africa, who firmly believes in the fact that on a planet in the constellation Alpha Centauri is her only son.

October 16, 1957 23-year-old Brazilian farmer Antonio Viplas Boas own tractor plowed field, when the motor car suddenly stalled. Some time passed, and over there was "flying saucer" with red lights on the case. When the object landed on fallow land after the withdrawal of three humanoids, and moved to the farmer. Struggle ensued, which ended with the fact that the aliens are defeated Villas Boas and dragged him to his ship.

Inside UFO farmer stripped, tied to a metal table and with unknown device was subjected to a thorough medical examination of the body. Then, apparently making sure the physical health of the young captive aliens injected some substance to it and came out of the room. It's been a long time, recalled Antonio Boas, when the door again opened, and came into the room completely naked dazzling blonde. Her seductive look in the young man brought an irresistible desire, which was immediately granted. Farmer and alien had sex for a few hours, did not say a single word this time, in the following interview Antonio Boas said: "Before leaving, she turned to me, pointed to her stomach, then smiled … and pointed to the sky … "

One woman repeatedly kidnapped two years after the first abduction, saw her son playing in a special room. Although he was not like a normal earthly child, she could not help but manifestations of maternal feelings. This is a welcome humanoid-mi, and they allowed the woman to stay a few months to take care of the kid.

History capture alien spouses Betty and Barney Hill is well known. She describes with many juicy details, including sometimes lost important detail — the star chart on the wall of a flying disk.

Moonlit night September 19, 1961 they returned home from Canada to New Hampshire. The aliens stopped their car and took his ship spouses for some medical examinations. When all was done, ufonavty released Betty and Barney, after erasing their memory what has happened. The events of that September night, the world has learned a few years later after sessions of regressive hypnosis, which was subjected to the spouses in the clinic of Dr. Simon.

What happened then aboard a flying disc?

Betty was released first. And while her husband kept in a nearby bay, she had calmed down after the unpleasant procedures, talk with the commander of the ship, for some reason it seemed to her there mostly. Betty asked where they come from?

Commander led her to a map hanging on the wall. No inscriptions on it was not great and small circles, just points connected by lines of different thickness or dashed. Does Betty, where her Sun, said the commander. Of course, Betty learned of the Sun on the map. The commander could not or did not want her to explain how they arrived.

During the session, Dr. Simon asked Betty to draw a star map that she remembered her. And Betty, remaining in a state of hypnosis, drew. Two circles on the map connected by five lines, which clearly indicated the busy message. Four stars joined by two or three lines. Were dashed by two routes. Overall, the figure averaged twenty-six circles and dots. This produced a map.

Occurrence with wives Hill is widely perceived as a curiosity, nothing more. Betty and Barney drove at night. Saw a strange light in the sky, which was approaching. Stopped the car, went to a deserted road, to see the world through the glasses. And then continued on and made it safely home.

Well you? Torn clothes, shoes, trampled, car hood in indelible … Surprised by the fact that arrived home an hour later than expected, given the distance and speed. This hour was erased from the memory of the spouses, but the pop dream nightmares. This led them to the clinic Benjamin Simon. Plunging spouses in a hypnotic state and unlock their memory, Dr. Simon asked — each separately, in a private room — the incident, unintentionally they were.

In the mid-1960s regressive hypnosis sessions for victims of UFO incidents were still new. Today known dozens, if not hundreds of hypnotic confessions. People talk about old or recent episodes of his life, when their power somewhere fascinated little freaks were doing something with them, and then let go, erase from the memory of what happened.

Sessions for spouses Hill arranged and paid NIKAP UFO Society. Its chairman, Donald Kiho nevertheless believed that the story of the spouses is likely imagined. A star map Betty widely seen as a graphical application to this curious story. Only schoolteacher Margery Fish of Oak Harbor, Ohio, believed in the veracity of the story of Betty and bent to prove it on the example of the map.
Marjorie knew she would: billions of stars in the Milky Way to find the area of space where two dozen bodies are located would have done in the same order as they are shown in Figure Betty Hill. Moreover, they should be represented in three-dimensional space, as they would look with an unknown planet where ufonavty started. The task seemed daunting. But Margery has concluded that it will be about our nearest star. This significantly narrows the search.

First was to find on a map Sun. Margery reasoned that the required communication between the stars and the sun should not be intense. Besides motion shall be one-sided: they come to us and come back. From us — no flights.

From one big star to a small star on the map were not parallel lines, which probably means the mutual visits, and two convergent beam. One ray — the way there, the second — again. This small star Margery Fish conditionally accepted for the Sun.

Getting Started — Three-dimensional model of the space in which the directories listed in the star light with respect to the sun is a way to map Betty Hill. After five years prikidok, searching, disappointments and discoveries schoolteacher in Oak Harbor was able to name nine stars located in relation to the Sun, just as they marked the Betty Hill. Really just a coincidence?

With a little stretch of the imagination could bind to the points on the map a few more stars. But the three-star general, there was no match in the directory. Only three years later, when she published a new refined and expanded edition of "Catalogue of nearby stars" Glieze, Margery Fish was able to identify the last point blank. Those three stars were called behalf of the catalog — Gliese 86.1, Gliese 95 and Gliese 97.

Identification of the last star of the triangle found evidence that map Betty Hill is not fiction and that Margery Fish had found her place in the cosmos. Why?

Because between 1961 and 1963, when Betty drew a card, and Marjorie looked at her star, no astronomer could not know that the last three of the identified stars occupy the position which they have found in the updated catalog, published only in 1969.

That's right, according to Ralph Bloom, said of the story Allen Hynek, always considered himself primarily an astronomer and only then ufologist.
Margery Fish called the unknown star: a binary star system Zeta 1 and Zeta-2 constellation Grid. '! Of these stars on the map Betty were to get directions to a well-known astronomers luminaries Tau Ceti and 82 Eridani. Maybe someday become a guiding map for future space Colombia?

But thirty-seven light years! It is twenty-two years the way to one end at 80 percent of the speed of light. And at the speed of light from 99.9 percent the same route can be covered in just twenty months, — the higher the speed, the slower time passes for the crew ship.
Margery Fish survey results were so scandalous that have tried to forget about them and soon forgotten. Twenty years later the binary star system Zeta 1 and 2 of the constellation Nets again unexpectedly rose in the sky UFO, now with the supply of intelligence.


In the 1970s, 19-year-old California student had a baby with blue skin and webbed fingers and toes, girls According to the story, she was raped several aliens who landed on the Pacific beach of the "flying saucer." The police testimony injured no one believed it, and to prove its case, it had to continue the pregnancy and give birth unearthly child.

November 5, 1975, seven woodcutters working in the forest near the town of Snoufleyk, Arizona, when the sky above them there was a great shining disc. One of the woodsmen, Travis Walton, away from the others and stood directly under the disc. A moment of disk Travis hit an electrical discharge, like a zipper, and the other loggers, frightened, fled in different directions. When they returned to the scene, no drive, no Walton was not there. Lumberjacks returned to the city and reported the incident to the police.

The search for Travis Walton lasted five days, began to grow suspicious of murder. Suddenly all Walton turned up safe and sound, and told him about himself quite a fantastic story. He claimed that he was captured and taken to the same disk Grey aliens. At the insistence of the authorities, Walton and his companions passed a polygraph examination.

Meanwhile, news of the incident hit the front pages of newspapers and magazines and has received an award as the best journalistic publication, on UFOs.

Skeptics, remember that Walton was always interested in UFOs, and have suggested: he invented the story. In addition, test results Walton lie detector were found to be "not very convincing."

Walton recalled just what happened to him for about 15 minutes after the abduction. When he was subjected to hypnosis, that he could not remember everything I saw and experienced on board the UFO, it was found that Walton's memory is locked. What happened to him, within five days of absence — and remains a mystery.

In 1990, the shipyard mechanic Nikolay Boldyrev, within four months of three times Steals unknown creatures. Each kidnapping lasted three days, with the chest Nicholas remained between 7 and 11 cross-bleeding cuts. After the second abduction Boldyrev out of a state of complete stupor only three days later. After the third step it was mechanical, it dramatically slowed down, he did not recognize his mother and wife.

Footprints in the body after surgery, allegedly carried out by aliens, have also been reported from a resident of Tbilisi Gardealiani, who claimed that since 1989 it more than once took away aboard a UFO. After each operation Gardealiani applied to urban medical center, and doctors saw his body post-surgical sutures and even photographed them. After two or three days, the seams disappear.

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