Abnormal gifts from heaven

November 19, 2011 23:22

In fine weather the sky above seems friendly and safe. We did not even think about that every time with blue skies on us can fall down ice block, iron or stone meteorite and even … a real UFO.
1790. UFO with a running "stuffing"
In this far from us a year in the province of Alencon (France) fell from the sky aflame ball that close to the ground slowed his rapid descent and fell on top of a hill. Rumors about the incident came to Paris and from there to investigate the incident sent a police officer Lyabeffa. In his report, he wrote: "June 12 at 5:00 am several farmers have seen an unusual spherical object, which, as it seemed, was in flames. At first, they thought it was a light tan Montgolfier balloon. But his great speed and published them whistling sound surprised them. The ball slowed his movement, swayed and fell on top of the mountain … The heat coming off the ball, was so powerful that the nearby trees and bushes on fire … even to the evening ball still gets cold …

It observed two mayor, a physicist and four other respectable people. Can not forget the dozens of peasants who were here. Bowl of such magnitude that it could fit into the coach, after his fall unharmed … Suddenly, the ball opened the door a bit and … there was a creature like us, just enough to get dressed. Tight fitting clothes trunk. Noticing the crowd, the man mumbled something incoherent and rushed headlong into the adjacent woods. Farmers in fear instinctively recoiled from the ball, and it saved them because the next moment he silently exploded and its fragments with pieces on all sides, turned to dust. The search for the mysterious creatures have been in vain. "
French scientists have taken this to a report very skeptical, they found that a living being could not get on the ground in such an unusual way …
1858. Stone Rain
In August 1858 the Birmingham (England) during a severe storm from the sky dropped a lot of small black stones. Such repeated in June 1860 in Vulvheptone, again in England. March 8, 1922 at the building grain warehouse JW Charzha in California (USA) showered with stones of various sizes. Stone rain with a few interruptions lasted all day. In the next few days, falling rocks from the sky was going on, and the area of incidence increased, some of them even hit the spectators, who came to take a look at this unusual sight.
1867. Burning Heaven
October 18 villagers Thames Ditton (Surrey, England) were very scared to see in the night sky, "a rain of fire." Mysterious phenomenon, radiating "Bright Lights", lasted about 10 minutes. "The next morning, — wrote one of meteorological journals — puddles and rain barrels for water in the upper part of the village were covered with a thick layer of sulfur." To explain this phenomenon, scientists have not been able to.
1964. Dived alligator
Five-foot alligator dived from the sky in 1964 near California's house and rattled collapsed. Local residents that heavenly "surprise" was not appreciated, and some scientists do not even believe in such an unusual occurrence. But precisely known fact that in 1934 the U.S. Air Force crew, flew over California, I heard a loud splash water directly over the aircraft. In the bubble of water floating in the air currents, swam the 60-inch alligator. How does a crocodile caught in the sky? Scientists believe that the frogs, fish, and even alligators can be captured by the tornado and raised in the air, and then transferred by air currents to travel long distances to fall somewhere very unusual "rain."
1968. Money from the sky
In Ramsgate (UK) from the sky right on the pavement of the town sank dozens of coins. "For 15 minutes fell to the ground 40 or 50 coins — a few times, as if they were throwing handfuls — told Jean Clemens, witness the incident, the reporter from London. — Do not be seen, as they fall, they could hear just how they hit the ground. " Apparently, the impact force on the pavement was quite large — many coins were bent. Near the site of the accident there were no tall buildings, where to throw money, not flying at the time and aircraft.
Much more "rich rain" fell in the summer in 1940 in the village of Meshchera Pavlovsky District Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) region. During a severe thunderstorm rained from the sky silver coinage of the sixteenth century. Local residents have raised about a thousand pieces of silver.
1986. The owner of the finger can not be found
An old fat Berliner already seated in the car, when I heard on the roof of an adjoining house something fell. He became interested in the car and looked with horror on the tiles as rolling straight to it severed human finger …
Horrified witness the fall of so unusual "meteor" literally flew back into the car and drove to the police claim.
When the patrol car arrived at the scene, police were surprised to actually found a human finger. Where did it come from? This puzzle in 1986 has not yet been solved. The police so no one has addressed, in hospitals at the time there were no patients with a similar injury. Over the house, the roof of which fell finger, there was no high-rises, where he could be thrown out as a terrible piece of the human body. Even aircraft during the fall of the finger over the place does not fly! It is assumed that there was a finger or from another dimension, or belonged to the victim of any tornado traveled long in the atmosphere before they fall in Berlin.
1992. Beware the meteorite!
October 9 at 8:00 pm in Pikskil (NY, USA) stone meteorite weighing 12.3 kg crashed into the trunk standing in the courtyard of the car, severely injured him and broke into several pieces. Young housewife ran to the car noise, and touched the fragment of a meteorite, it was still warm. The victim called the nearest university, soon gathered at the scene of scholars, journalists, museum staff and even members of Sotheby's. Scientists have confirmed that the car damaged a real meteorite (chondrite). The injured 18-year-old Michelle Knapp received $ 70,000 for the meteorite, that the stone from the sky was happy for her.
It should be noted that the meteorite may not only damage the car were several cases in which space the visitors got into the house. For example, in 1982 in Vezersfild (Connecticut, USA) stone meteorite with a diameter of 13 cm and a mass of 2.7 kg landed in the house of an elderly couple Donahue. The couple were at home when they heard the sound in the hall and the sound of a powerful strike crumbling plaster. It turned out that the meteorite hit the roof and ceiling of a hole the size of a human head.
In modern history, while no cases that meteorites falling to the ground killing people. However, in 1954 a meteorite weighing 3.2 kg, struck the roof of the house, got into his owner and hurt her shoulder. On the potential dangers of meteorites says relatively recent event in Jakarta (Indonesia), when a meteorite hit the house, struck his roof and two floors, causing the collapse of the building. Fortunately, the meteorite destroyed the building at the time was empty.
2000. Deadly Fish
Not far from Addis Ababa in the village of Ogaden (Ethiopia) of rain fell quite toothy predatory fish, something resembling a piranha. Many of the falling fish were still alive, and even managed to bite a few people who rushed to pick them up. Alas, one bite was not the end: the fish was poisonous, and those who decided to feast on darmovschinku, soon ended up in hospital with severe food poisoning. But the consequences of this abnormal fish rain is not over. Part of the fish landed in the local lake where toothy critters have taken root and multiplied. 24-year-old girl who decided to take a dip in the lake, was attacked by the toothy fish and died, lost their lives and several people rushed to her aid.
Fortunately, usually "fish rain" relatively harmless. In 1989, selected sardines began to fall from the sky in one of the regions of Australia. Local people rushed to collect fresh-looking fish, but it is feared. True, seeing the delight with which the cat eats the heavenly gifts, they also could not help myself and had a real fish day.
2007. Chicken carcasses pierced the roof
The Australian town of Fletcher (New South Wales) for two months, a rather unusual — The sky carcass plucked chickens. They clearly fell with a pretty high altitude, as in the two cases, even struck tiles on the roofs.
The first chicken fell on the roof of Stephen Leung. By the degree of damage to the roof specialists to estimate the height from which the bird has fallen — more than 500 meters. The first explanation that occurred to the experts — the chicken accidentally (?) Dropped out of the low-flying private plane. But soon, this assumption had to be discarded, because in a few weeks the second chicken carcass crashed into the roof Aussie Warwick Slee, who lived a mile from the crash site first chicken.
These incidents with dive-chickens investigated Agency staff on civil aviation security. Peter Gibson, a member of the agency, about the assumption that the chickens have dropped from aircraft, said: "There was a chance that it could happen once, but twice — it is just not possible. I think the assumption is that the chickens were launched into the air from the ground is more likely. "
In the end, everyone who was investigating the incidents and concluded that some wags are fired into the air frozen chicken carcasses with a catapult or a huge slingshot. Most likely, no jokers launched two chickens, and much more, but the rest of carcass unnoticed by people and become prey to stray dogs and cats.
2009. Ice Block damaged house
November 18 at a private home in Colorado (USA) fell from the sky block of ice the size of a football. A piece of ice destroyed the roof and slightly damaged the walls of the kitchen. Fortunately, once inside the house mistress and her 9-year-old daughter were not injured. According to employees of the Federal Aviation Administration, the ice could have formed on the fuselage of a plane flying high humidity area.
It should be noted that the fall from the sky blocks of ice is not such a rarity. For example, in January 2007, in Tampa (Florida, USA), a half-meter block of ice fell from the sky on the roof of the car Ford Mustang, crumpling it and knocking out the rear window. Good thing the car was empty, but the driver, wheel me around in his car, not a little scared. While falling blocks of ice is often associated with flying above the scene of an accident aircraft, large chunks of ice under certain conditions, can also form in the atmosphere, in which case they are called mega-cryoMeteor.

Prepared Vitaly Golubev
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