The Company's April 11 RB become abnormal country. If earlier could Linking to our authoritarianism, they say, "What country, and such acts of terrorism", it is now the way we will form a very different frame of reference.

We are not the same (even potentially) as Lithuania or Poland or the Czech Republic or the majority of middle European countries where "nothing happens", is in a calm mood. Welcome to my Blog to the club "of those who wage war."

Until now, all our troubles — explosion on radio factory, the clash of trains, crowding in the underpass, and even Chernobyl — not war, deliberate aggression against the population. As in previous fights village on the village, district by district — were local in nature and were perceived by many as a burst of adrenaline, something almost normal.

Now everything has changed. The terrorist attack in its classical form, "according to international standards," turned our country into something where nothing is normal. The cult of the Belarusian word of life (how are you? Normally, everything is normal, normal country in a normal situation) will gradually fade out of our mouths. As known from the school indignation — "What are you, crazy?" After becoming abnormal.

Perhaps, however, it was so deeply hidden abnormal? And we just all the time misted over her head — how humble shelter "bratsishak" that no matter what do not apply, then as a successful assembly shop USSR, as a haven for retired military personnel who so loved to settle in the "quiet Belorucsii." And for all these figures maygachyli Pulihova, Mazanik, Oswald …

Perhaps a new generation of them?

However, these specific people attacked, not the people that did not do their acts to acts of international terrorism, and their country abnormal.

Even if in the Minsk subway skidded not any Artemke of Shabanov and agnegalovaga shahid, it does not matter — we are in the game. International terrorism on that and international, that is the same everywhere. Our country joined the club of monsters, big or ugly or both of those together, but in any case — not normal. Our territory has joined the scattered Worldwide battlefield on which there is a war on terror.

We are at war. It is not clear on which side.



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