After prison in Akrestsin Ivan took treatment

An activist of "Young Front" Ivan Shyla was released from prison in Akrestsin after 13 days of administrative arrest. He was detained along with Gregory Astapenya for a picket in support of their colleagues, the Young Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau.

Gregory Astapenya was released earlier, Ivan Shyla was scheduled at 14:30. However, according to "Freedom" Ivan Shyla, he was released for a half hour before, was taken to the city center and left there on one of the trams.


From there he was taken by the parents, and together they returned to the prison in Akrestsin, where he was met by the activists of "Young Front", in including Vice Chairman Anastasia Palazhanka.


According to Ivan Shyla, along with his parents, he also came to his hometown of Soligorsk, where he immediately went to the hospital because of deteriorating health:

"Just got back from the hospital — would be hospitalized a week due to acute dermatitis — this is a disease that I got in the army, and for which was the reserve. Thus in prison in Akrestsin doctors had stop serving my administrative arrest and send to the treatment, but this was not done. I was told that the disease is not contagious to other prisoners, and the mirror was not there and I could not see what I look like in reality. Thus, we can say that the arrest of some impact on health. "

According to Ivan Shyla, he is now a few days will be treated as outpatients at the place of residence of his parents in Soligorsk. The Young suggests that the worsening of the disease is associated with poor sanitary conditions of detention in prison in Akrestsin that he was deeply shocked:

Frame is not pravetryvayutstsa, clothes are not removed, and you can bathe only once a week …

"This is the place that a hundred times better to hear than to see once: poor water quality, the frame is not pravetryvayutstsa, clothes are not removed, and you can bathe only once a week, walking there — I have some association with the Middle Ages. I will personally write a complaint to the conditions of detention, and, in my opinion, for the democratic forces that should be one of the items — prison conditions in Akrestsin. All the more so, Now that Arrests are not a rare phenomenon, the complaint should be written after each of his release. "

According to Ivan Shyla, after treatment, he returned to Poland, where he is studying in a university program Kalinowski.



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