After the explosion: Who is to blame?

According to the witnesses, and the first official reports, the explosion at the metro station "October" — the most bloody of all attacks during PPRB.

In July 2008, during a concert in the capital on the occasion of Independence Day, the explosion of an improvised device wounded about fifty people — most of them, fortunately, quite easily.

In September 2005, in Vitebsk, with an interval of time in a week, two explosions occurred homemade device. Wounded about fifty people, some — quite hard.

Despite the fact that both of these previous cases, Minsk and Vitebsk, was given the highest rank of the investigator (they were on the so-called "presidential control"), they are to this day remain unsolved.

What will happen to the disclosure of the perpetrators of the explosion at the "October"?

Will it be just an excuse to hold mass and to the ostentatious "investigations", during which time thousands or even tens of thousands may people will be again to ask where they were and what they were doing at the time of the explosion? Or, again, will pinpoint the cell phone number of those who at the time of the explosion was at or near the station, as the timed calls Square on December 19? Will there be fingerprinting? Else remained unregistered toes.

People on the once such "investigator West" is unlikely to be believed.

And this time, it seems, is at stake is not only the prestige of the KGB investigators and the General Prosecutor's Office.

How does the station "October" is just one hundred and fifty meters from the working room of him with whom, if he is to take a word, the country depends on the weather, and not just political.

In a country in which long ago lost count of how many police officers and informers have kegebistov per capita, inevitably the question arises — where are vigilantly watched this public eye on once?

And inevitably it will be another tough question — who is actually beneficial to such an explosion?

And be sure someone points a hand at the said office. Judging by the comments on the Internet are already showing.

And not the Internet — it is necessary to find and show people the true culprit.

Do it much more difficult than to reveal a coup, with top secret dark forces from abroad.

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