Again, Peru! Portal Aram Moore — Gate of the Gods!

Not so long ago in South America, the researchers were able to make the discovery, which in its significance incomparable. The fact that researchers have found that a very large sacral and historical value. The found object is permissible only accessible by a corresponding resolution of the Government of Peru …

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Scientists were able to find so called "Gate of the Gods. " Thus, some of the scientific discoveries are tremendous value, which is simply no cash value. In fact, this also applies to the object that was found at the beginning of 1996. This discovery may completely change the perception of the modern world and the Earth. Moreover, it is able to demonstrate that life on earth is but a very small part of the human condition.

"The Gate of the Gods" are located near the Peruvian town called Puno, about 35 kilometers away. In appearance — it's the big doors, carved directly into the mountain, which reaches a width of 7 meters and a height of about 2 meters. In the center of the door opening is round in shape, which is most probably used to be a bit of a locked slot.

Earlier, before the opening of the gate, pilots who've flown over them, saw a very strange structures in the rocks. And almost as soon as the "Gate of the Gods" managed to open officially, it was reported that in the rock, full of secrets and mysteries, has his secret servants. It is out of their mouth, scientists were able to find very interesting legend.

In particular, the ministers told that the Gate of the Gods is a legacy of the great civilization of the Incas. Through them, the most talented heroes of this civilization found the "way of the gods" in the best of worlds. The heroes were, many of them never returned, and those who returned, became very wise and allocated such knowledge, of whom could not even dream of ordinary mortals.

After a series of studies, researchers have determined that the ancient Maya civilization telling us about the Gate of the Gods in some of their stories and legends. Most of all in this regard bother prospector named Qatar Mamani.

Qatar held a series of experiments using the most advanced devices. And then come to believe that these gates in the first place, are the anomalous zone. And, secondly, they are actually entering into other worlds.

The work Mamani used devices which detect the alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Also used in digital photo and video equipment, electronic photometers and thermometers. We can say that he brought with him the whole scientific laboratory. And the results turned out fantastic. Near the "Gateway of the Gods" was found many objects of otherworldly origin.

These properties are reflected in electronic form and in the form of film fireballs drive pillars, as well as plasma clots different color and density. But that's not the point. Qatar has established that these objects exist outside of our reality … and they are thinking. And do not just think, but also demonstrate emotions!

A reporter from Germany W. Bay took an interview from Qatar, where the scientist has admitted that he was now convinced of the existence of other life forms. In his words, as a result of research has been received completely new picture of the world in which people are not masters of their own. Our living environment and activities are fully controlled by these beings, and they are constantly changing our being, in accordance with its objectives, which we can not even guess.

It is striking that not only the use of instruments will allow a surreal objects near the Gate of the Gods. Mamani was able to see these objects with your own eyes! According to him, immediately upon arrival to the mysterious rock, the air became impassable and thickened. Gates appeared before the fire balls and flakes that were ripped off from a place and a rock beat. As a result of these attacks stone walls were covered with soot. Thereafter, there are liquid droplets flickering.

The researcher is not easily made his way through the thick air and touching the weird drops, felt a jolt of electricity. Later, in front of his eyes appeared crystal blue objects. Then, they began to take shape, which is not even a scientist could imagine.

Even more interesting is proved these essential objects in the dark. Before the "Gate of the Gods" works like a festival. Shone flashes, flying balls in the air constantly heard the electrical discharges of UFOs. And so, on themselves Gate came face image … huge old lantern that lit the camp of researchers, fell from the mount. He was white hot …

And now Mamani continues to explore "the Gate of the Gods." In parallel with him round the clock surveillance leads a group of scientists from the United States. But the past does not disclose its results. Apparently, they think that people are not ready to know about the present structure of the world …

Some people who have visited at that door, tell that put her hands to her, they felt a kind of energy coming from behind the rock. In 1997, at the gates of the "City of the Gods" has visited an American psychic Tony Silva. He said that he felt an incredible surge of energy around this door, just in front of his eyes the starry sky and the pillars of fire that struck out of the ground. This vision was accompanied by unusual music, like a shaman drums.

Mention of the mysterious "Gate of the Sun" is and the Maya, and most interestingly, drawing, similar to that gate, there is a plateau of Nazca. In recent years over the place, people often have seen UFOs, spheres of various sizes and colors, often hangs over this valley.

According to the beliefs of Peruvians, once the gates are opened and the gods will return to the "solar boats." Sounds very symbolic, is not it?

Watch the video: Peru. Portal Aram Moore — Gate of the Gods!


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