Against deadly diseases and save cobra spiders

Deadly insects, scorpions and aggressive, of course, snakes can serve. They are poisons produced by nature, are also drugs, and diseases such medicine which has not yet been able to win.

Selection of the three most powerful substances that can both kill and save the man, leads the American edition of Popular Mechanics. One of the deadliest toxins — cobra venom — can be used to treat severe arthritis. Substance that die each year several thousand people, reduces the intensity of inflammation in the joints. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Calcutta.

In their experiments on rats are not lethal doses of snake venom have shown excellent results — joints almost recovered. Indian cobra is one of the most common venomous snake in Southeast Asia and one of the five most dangerous reptiles on Earth.

Tarantula venom is not deadly to humans, but its a spider bite can kill a bird or a very large animal. The toxin can also be used in the fight against muscular dystrophy — severe hereditary disease in which there is a gradual, but inexorable depletion of muscle, and the man slowly dying for years.

Specific treatment of the disease has not been developed, all available methods only slows down the development of the pathological process. On the example of laboratory mice, scientists from the University of Buffalo found that one of the peptides belonging to the tarantula venom, enhances the activity of cells of muscle tissue.

Like peptide found in the venom of the scorpion. His resilience of ion channels of the pancreatic cells suggested the use of experts from the University of East Carolina. They say that the toxin with which hunts Brazilian yellow scorpion, can cure severe pancreatitis. And the stage where doctors usually are beginning to prepare the patient for surgery.

Pancreatitis is a very dangerous disease, it can cause problems with zhelchevyvedeniem and alcohol abuse. In this case, the disease is one of the precursors of pancreatic cancer.

Brazilian yellow scorpion in recent years has spread to most of the settlements in Brazil. From his bite affects more than 25,000 people each year.

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