Alexander Fyaduta: I said, You all know, because they were in power

Political analyst Alexander Fyaduta says that attitude of "an American" was the same as before the other prisoners. Statkevich "looks very gray and thinner." Letters from Alexander Klaskouski Jr. to reach freedom in part skreslenyya censorship. Andrei Sannikov's lawyer pleads for him to change the measure of restraint.

Politician and member of staff Volodymyr Neklyaeva Fyaduta Alexander, who was released from the KGB detention center after more than three months in prison, told reporters that to him in prison, did not use torture. April 11 Fyaduta Alexander said, "Freedom", which at least for a short time, but also suffered what "stretching":

Fyaduta"With me was a maximum of 10 minutes. Do not know, maybe with someone else return, but to me this way. "

Reporter"Anatoly Lebedko said that the worst has been accessed in December and January, in February began to improve, and in March, the situation returned to normal. Is that right? . "

Fyaduta"I have the same. I think it was at all. Immediately after December 19 the power was very intimidated and terrorized everyone, even those who did not need to intimidate, as they were in isolation. "

Reporter"Was it to you any special treatment, given that you used to be a high-ranking government officials, even included in the team Lukashenko?".

Fyaduta"No.. At the same meeting said that you know it all, you were also in power. I replied that yes, I was in charge, but that's why now I do not understand why the authorities to deal with others as it costs. "

Alexander Fyaduta said that before the court expects to improve health, which "was not the best" in the "American." "The fault according exhibited charges I never recognized and do not recognize" — added "Freedom" Alexander Fyaduta.

The fault according exhibited charges I never acknowledged and recognized.

In the Sunday, April 10 Belarusian TV in one of the propaganda broadcasts showed footageNikolai Statkevich andPaul Seviarynets. For common-law wife Statkievich Marina Adamovich these pictures are evidence of her concerns about the health of her husband:

"Awful thin, gray-haired, aged 20 years. Apparently filmed with a hidden camera during the familiarization with the criminal case. "

Meanwhile, according to recent letters Statkevich Marina Adamovich says that "fighting spirit he has not lost before the trial is actively preparing."

Statkevich will judge in the Leninsky district court of Minsk together with another candidate for the presidency Dmitry mustache and 5 more activists. Among them is a former police officer Alexander Klaskouski. Father prisoner said that the last letter from her son came halfway skresleny censorship:

"Half of the cross out the censor. He's out there trying something to speculate about the future of the process, and it does not seem like this man, who sees to it that nothing leaked out of this dungeon. "

Lawyers Andrei Sannikov filed a petition to change the measure of restraint for him on his own recognizance. This is done due to the fact that Andrei Sannikov completed the familiarization with the criminal case. According to the case of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov has 8 volumes. Deal Statkevich, according to sources — from 5 to 7 volumes. Nyayvyalikshaya matter collected onVladimir Neklyaeva— Allegedly, 29 volumes of materials. Last weekend, the former presidential candidate Nekljaev also completed familiarization with the business.



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