Aliens: a conspiracy of silence

February 28, 2013 9:14

If contact with aliens is a reality, the information stored about an enigma. What prevents publish them officially?

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In 2009, the well-known radio journalist question about contact with aliens, details of which allegedly kept in "the book of secrets" in some green room, attends every newly elected president, Barack Obama responded with a joke: "I would," said the written " Book of Secrets, "but then I'd have to kill you."

Western media have stirred the words of the Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, they dropped by 7 December 2012. Speaking to reporters (which seems to be accidentally became public), he said, only half-jokingly, half-seriously that the president of Russia, along with the "nuclear suitcase" communicate a folder marked "Top Secret", which contains information about aliens visiting Earth, and provided intelligence report that deal with the control of aliens in our country. After the cessation of these folders in office, he says, are transferred to the new president. Concluding the discussion, the Prime Minister said that more information on this topic can be obtained by looking at the acclaimed film "Men in Black." Russian Prime Minister's statement cited by the majority of foreign publications. Some believe that Dmitry Anatolyevich just joking, while others believe that Medvedev could blab about what actually takes place.

Joking aside, in 2011, the existence of extraterrestrial life has been quite officially confirmed by the FBI, which has declassified part of the archives of the UFO crash in 1947 near the U.S. city of Roswell. For a long time it was thought that the alien autopsy record and accompanying documents to nothing, as a fake. Then, on July 2, 1947, in the southeast of the United States have fallen to Earth in the crash of a mysterious flying disc. In fact, compelling evidence to support this phenomenon, in the declassified documents is not enough. Basically — the reports of agents of the rumors, eyewitness and some documents with personal autograph of then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, where he gives instructions to collect such rumors and complains about the military, do not reveal their secrets. In general, the "X-Files", but written razvedsvodok concise language. It is believed that before presenting to the public its archive, the Office carefully dipped out all the findings and recommendations. In many documents, there was only a "cap", and the text to remove the "security reasons."

Actually, the first information about the Earth's invaders appeared in print and on TV, when an independent group of journalists from the British TV was investigating the disappearance of the 60-ies of XX century, many prominent scientists and talented military. Everyone thought that they went to other countries to earn money. Journalists interviewed their friends and family and found strange things: postcards and letters home professionals who left were as like as two peas. Although the handwriting was different for everyone, but the style of writing — one, as if they were ordered to write the texts from dictation. After some time the connection to these people completely lost. Television has prepared this program. After some time, came staggering letters from viewers, of which journalists have learned is how much it was impossible to believe: America and Russia, it turns out, has long been to build a joint base on the Moon and Mars, for which they were needed and missing people. Moreover, they have a film supposedly shot with a spacecraft on Mars. Under pressure from the government not to lose my license, the studio announced the rally, and the journalists were fired.
Subsequently, under the collective pseudonym they wrote the well-known book "Alternative 003". A long time in hiding information about aliens accused mainly the U.S. government. Most "UFO" rumors passed around about Dwight Eisenhower. Suspected that he was the first of the powers joined the "diplomatic relations" with aliens. In February 1954, during a stay in California Eisenhower suddenly a few hours dropped out of sight of journalists. Later, his press office said the president was at a reception at the dentist. But the story of the relations of the President with the aliens confirmed William Milton Cooper (when he served as a military adviser to the U.S. government): April 26, 1989, he sent 536 copies of the "Petition charge" to each member of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. It was reported that in 1954, Eisenhower entered into a contractual relationship with the civilization of the "gray", big-nosed aliens from a planet orbiting the star Betelgeyze in Orion. Arriving on Earth in spaceships that astronomers first took for asteroids, they landed at the military air base Holloman, and later — on the basis of Edward, where there was a pre-negotiated meeting with Eisenhower flown humanoids. Besides, Cooper claimed that the leaders of many nations, and other influential people have established good contacts with aliens.

As a result, it was established a kind of "secret world government", known as Bilderbergsky club based in Geneva. It has become a secret from the classification of information on cooperation with "the occupiers of the Earth." This club, he said, acts as overseer, keeping mankind in ignorance, which gave the order to destroy and discredit scientists, ahead of time, the inventors who made a landmark invention archaeologists, "not unearth" and contactees, "not those "get in touch. In the "Petition allegations" contained a list of members of the secret world government, among which were named Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Nelson Rockefeller, and others

In 1991, the director of the Geneva Institute for Planetary Synthesis R. Schneider released a report of the same Milton Cooper's "Secret Government", in which he said that with 1947 to 1952, only one in the United States landed about a dozen alien ships. Some were broken, the other to make an emergency landing. As a result, in the hands of the Americans were 65 dead bodies and one live … alien. The report confirms the existence of a secret world government, which came to an agreement with the representatives of the "other worlds." Under this agreement, "Dedications" got some "advanced" technology in exchange for permission to use people for research. Why is the question of whether there are aliens on Earth, the representatives of the public sector respond negatively? Analysts are three theories.

1. Goal setting — Do not injure the public awareness of the existence of other life forms in the universe. In this theory, it is believed that the government know the level of technological development of aliens, correlating it with the earthly level, it has come to the conclusion that in a military sense, we have nothing to fear — a conflict with extraterrestrial civilizations should not be.

2. On Earth, historically a kind of "world government" stands above all nations and peoples, and controlling financial flows. And it knows about UFOs, contact with aliens on a diplomatic level, getting some kind of "technical assistance" from them in exchange for a "modest" requests for their respective territories for the creation of enclaves and the study of life forms of the Earth.
3. Perhaps the members of the "world government" does not want to disclose the "X-Files", for fear of losing control over the people. They believe that the loss of power is due to the needs of the people in the study of social organization aliens and borrowing from their technologies to restructure the state and society. "The U.S. federal government has consistently refuted its involvement in the UFO problem, but I was informed that the work on the study of these objects are continuing, and they involved the FBI and the CIA." U.S. expert on nuclear energy academician Mc Campbell (1979)

Views of politicians and astronauts said test pilot Marina Popovich, the first wife of cosmonaut Pavel Popovich, the "UFO seen by all the astronauts, without exception, but recognized in this unit."

American astronaut and test pilot Gordon Cooper, made two flights into space (in 1963 and in 1965), claimed that in 1951, "while flying over Germany on the fighter F-68 have personally seen a UFO." In 1978, Cooper wrote a letter to the UN to request the establishment of a special body to investigate this phenomenon.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell — the astronaut who made the longest in the history of space walk on the lunar surface, said that "definitely sure that the Earth is often visited by extraterrestrial intelligence, and all of them have been carefully hidden by the government."

The head of the FBI since its inception in 1935 until 1972 J. Edgar Hoover on the famous incident in 1942 (shooting UFOs over Los Angeles): "We need to insist on access to these flying machines. In Los Angeles, the military seized vehicles and do not allow us to study them. "

In 1955, a strange time for the height of the "cold war" appeal addressed to the military forces of the nation and the scientific team * Armed Forces Pacific Douglas MacArthur: "The nations of the world must come together as the next war will be an interplanetary war … The nations of the world will have to form a common front … Aliens from other planets. "

Mikhail Gorbachev: "The UFO phenomenon exists, and it should be taken very seriously."

Richard Nixon, U.S. president from 1969 to 1974: "I still have no right to discuss information about UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence available to the government. Discussion on this issue continues. "

It is worth considering whether the words are true of all these people, the adequacy of which is no doubt in the light of their professional activities.

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