Aliens and mind control

If you think that all the mind control experiments are conducted under the auspices of the CIA and other organizations of the earth, you are wrong. It should be noted that implants are often placed in the body of the people during their abduction by aliens. This is confirmed by the stories of many of the abducted, and I described my own experience in this regard, the book "The X-Files Komandyyuschego."

Broadcast, manipulate minds

Here are some new information concerning another method of mind control. They gave the director of the Institute of UFO research in Canada Lorne M.Goldfeyder:

In "The Grey" is interesting, but a frightening weapon in their arsenal of mind control, which they are floating against humans. In the field of consciousness, compared to our scientists, they are geniuses. They have organically grown, genetically engineered tool that can respond to brain impulses It has a spherical shape, very light and small — would fit easily into fist child. When placed in the 2-15 inches from the forehead "manipulator", thoughts automatically concentrated, amplified and transmitted to the brain of any man.

Then usually the victim feels unwell, she begins headaches or pains in the stomach, sometimes it quickens the heartbeat, which leads to that caused by a heart attack or even death. The disease often sovpadaeg on time with a positive contact with the friendly and good representatives of the Galactic Federation. The main thing — to introduce into the subconscious mind that the disease is caused by aliens. Since it is usually the victim does not know how things are in reality, she decides that any contact with any aliens is harmful, and terminate its investigation of the UFO problem. Sometimes those who are considered potentially dangerous, Gray delivered directly to the laboratory of the aircraft, sometimes with their children, and subjected to severe vibration on the table or the wall, at the same time using sound waves, implanting thoughts and memory lock, and literally make them to abandon certain areas of business, education and development, in order to avoid some of potential actions and events that could lead to advances and discoveries for the benefit of mankind, and, consequently, to the detriment of the Grey.

Fortunately, some people have acquired and microscopic biological systems of recognition and reflection. Implant psionic absorbs radiation. Together with the conscious intention and the will of the victim of abduction it reflects waves back toward the manipulator thoughts. Grey go to this risk, because at this stage of the evolution of human consciousness and the state of his chance to determine the source of almost zero. But this is their Achilles heel.

There is a law that allows the intervention of friendly Representatives of the Federation, when people unknowingly exposed to such an attack. The commentary to this law states that the intervention can be carried out only if there is the will samoyu man and with his help (often with all the subconscious). Aggravation of consciousness contributes to the favorable intervention.

If you suspect that you are exposed to (this effect can last from 2 to 5 days), you exhibit all the signs and symptoms, but you can insulate yourself From this, or to find protection, try to mingle with the large crowds (to "score "your brain waves, which track you). Go far away from the place where you feel the unpleasant feelings. Buy a magnetic map of the area and go to the area of low-intensity field (Gray sometimes use existing sources of energy around you, to attack you).

However, it is much better and more effective — try to build a mental shield, sheath of light around your body. Electromagnetic frequencies and nerve impulses to your brain react to the mental manifestations of the physical, material level. Imagine that the shield has a reflective surface on which any reflected light directed at you. Then direct the radiation in the opposite direction and tell him (with absolute confidence in your words) to fulfill orders received in respect of the person who gave it. Ask for help from the higher levels of reason and love, this is your best defense. On your side is always a force. If you work for the forces of good, one day you will become like them.

You can pursue, follow you and chase, but remember that you are never alone and can avoid trouble. All Gray respected the power of reason. Not all of the Grey aliens malicious. There are many branches. Our response and interpretation of their psychology defines their strategy. Adaptation to and acceptance of their way of thinking and culture is of utmost importance to them. Rejection means punishment. Different communities of people in the world do the same, so take a look at this problem from another angle.

Those members of the Grays, who visited Earth, do not recognize freedom of expression, because they have a collective mind, the mind like bees, they are genetically closer to insects than to people. They consider dangerous and unpredictable personality qualities that are necessary to equalize. They learn a lot from us want to learn, especially its elite, the most talented scientists. Only the power of the mind and spirit, and the common efforts of victims of alien abduction can help us protect ourselves from their invasion, or at least win their respect sufficiently to establish two-way communication path that would help to bridge the gulf between us .

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