Aliens from the secret archives

October 12, 2011 20:26

The most famous exhibit of the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell.  Photos from the book H.Evans "Messengers of other worlds."  Moscow, 1999

The most famous exhibit of the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell. Photos from the book H.Evans "Messengers of other worlds." Moscow, 1999

Tens of millions of earthlings have seen aliens and millions of people have been abducted by them.
Almost sensation — U.S. declassified documents about UFO crash in 1947 in the town of Roswell in New Mexico (USA). It claimed to have found the aliens and flying saucers, not only the remains of three of them. All information on this phenomenon, of course, was immediately classified. But all the time since then, there were persistent rumors that there is even a video from the findings. A picture rozuellovskogo alien has become one of the strongest arguments in disputes UFO with his opponents.
And a few days ago, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has learned from its archives a document that tells the story of the mysterious events at Roswell. As the agency Regnum, «given an official document, dated, however, 1950, which states that a FBI agent (his name carefully erased) reported the discovery in the desert three flying saucers, which contained the body of humanoids in silver dress. Their growth was only about one meter. In the declassified document also indicates the probable cause of the accident — the impact of ground-based radars. "
This is generally a characteristic of all the reports of "absolutely reliable and proven 'contacts with UFOs and aliens: they are — works of literature with an open ending.

But never — scientific report with verifiable results. Ending every reader can choose his. In the end, it all comes down to the opposition, "I believe — I do not believe," but not to a unique "proved — not proven."
That's why I call the last message about the declassification of materials on Roswell almost sensational. Indeed, a FBI agent (name carefully erased) wrote a report about the event unlikely, say so. And the official report is dated 1950, that is three years after the alleged events …
"I am ready to believe in aliens, but not in those that one to one look like aliens from the comics 50s. This semiotic phantoms, fragments of latent fantasies within a particular culture, which broke away and gained his own being … Kansas farmers still constantly seen airships Jules Verne. " In this statement, the hero of one of the stories of the American writer William Gibson captured, in my opinion, is the essence of the phenomenon: UFOs (unidentified flying objects; UFO — the English acronym) is none other than the semiotic phantoms. In other words — the signs. Signs — an attribute of modern post-industrial society, which are all built on the production and reproduction of signs.
UFO reports from the canonical already rozuellovskogo case made a huge niche in the world statistics. After processing hundreds of thousands of posts, American researchers have found that in the period from 1950 to 1980 in the near-Earth space, underwater and in space, there were about 80 thousand UFO. Swedish researchers, approaching more closely to the selection of material, reduced the number to 900.
At one of the UFO websites I run into this data. Flogged by the number of annual UFO rank first the U.S., then — Peru, Brazil. Russia — the fourth, the fifth — Chile. Not surprisingly, the United States and are the absolute leaders in the study of the UFO phenomenon. Moreover, these studies began just in 1947.
In 1950, 94% of Americans said they believe in flying saucers. According to the Gallup poll, in 1966, over 5 million people in America stated that it did see a flying saucer, and about 50 million (almost half of the U.S. adult population) believe in the reality of UFOs. Another survey conducted in 1977, showed that not only half of U.S. adults believe in UFOs, but more than 15 million claim to have seen them — an increase of 200% in seven years! In 1992, according to a poll Rouperovskogo Centre for the Study of Public Opinion, about 3.7 million Americans have been abducted by aliens. In 2003, according to the Virginia Commonwealth University, 34% of Americans believed that UFOs and ghosts — not fiction, but a reality … Here, as they say, I want to beat them, and there is nothing.
But it is impossible to escape the impression that the flow of UFO semiotic phantoms someone deliberately formed. "From the masses constantly require them to cast my vote, they force social campaign, trade stocks, sex, control management, celebration, freedom of expression, etc., — emphasized the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard. — From the bombing array of characters, to which it is supposed to answer, like an echo … On the scene information. But not in terms of communication, not in terms of conveying meaning, but as a way to maintain the emulsion, the implementation of feedback and controlled chain reactions release energy … weight should be aimed at building social. " It was written in 1982.
Modern Russia, by the way, is also not lagging behind the United States in terms of involvement in global UFO Feng movement. On the eve of Cosmonautics Day, April 12, this year, sociologists of the Levada Center conducted a special survey. Here are some of the results. The presence of living beings outside our solar system consider possible 56% of the population of Russia. They do not believe in such a possibility 23% of Russians. Most often, the belief in aliens admitted housewives (63%), entrepreneurs (56%), young people under 25 (61%) and … citizens with higher education (61%). In general, it is a talking picture effects bombardment society "signs."
Meanwhile, there is a really serious problem in this whole UFO subject — the lack of specific people possible in an adequate form to inform the public about his contacts with aliens without you immediately recognized the mentally ill. And the citizens to start something organize. The other day, for example, it was reported that the New Yorker Joseph Kapp opened the first city telephone hotline for those who witnessed the UFO and would like to discuss this. 68-year-old retiree Joseph Capp experienced all contactee flour in their own skin — he claims that he was an eyewitness to the alien flying machine. Calls from witnesses of UFO hotline Joseph Kapp accepts clock, seven days a week.
Meanwhile, the problem of search for extraterrestrial intelligence, SETI (Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), — this is a scientific problem in the full sense of the word. Unfortunately, scholars of SETI, more skeptics than the public participating in the polls. "In order to find a partner with a guarantee on a contact, you need quite a long time to keep under constant monitoring at all reasonable speeds and in all types of physical channels (radio, optical) all suspicious stars inside a sphere of radius 2,000 light-years — says Senior Research Fellow Skobeltsyn Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University Alexander Panov. — This area contains about 108 stars. Even if we assume that only one of the 100 stars is suspicious, it means the need for continuous monitoring of 106 stars. This is a task that requires enormous resources. "
So while the only hope for new data on the leakage of the secret UFO archives FBI.


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