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The Roman philosopher Lucretius in his "On the Nature of Things" formulated the theory of the influence of space aliens on human development (theory paleocontacts): "The whole visible world is only in nature, we must recognize that there are other spaces in other lands to other people (sentient beings) and other animals. " Of course, he was the first who suggested the idea. In particular, it expressed the Greek sages.

Creator of the theory is paleocontacts American Charles Fort. Throughout his life, he collected data, which seemed to him to destroy the accepted scientific theory. As published in the XX century "Book of Curses" he wrote:

"I guess we are the one's property. I think that the Earth was once a draw, but then it explored, colonized, and then began to vie for possession of it and the inhabitants of other worlds. We are currently ruled by the most advanced of them. "

Develop a theory of the Fort in Europe were two researchers: the famous physicist, chemist and "paranormalschik" Jean Berger and journalist Lewis esoteric Pauels that from the beginning of the 70's publish a magazine «Planete» in Paris.

In support of the theory were made by Italian Pietro paleocontacts Kolosimo, who published in 1984 the book "Mystic Earth" and the British explorer artifacts Walter Drake, whose sensational book "Gods or astronauts?" Was published in 1990.

The interested reader in 1968 was a great study — a unique book by Erich von Däniken, "Memories of the Future," in which he outlined a theory paleocontacts in summary form, explaining its many facts of archeology, paleontology, history of art and mythology. What is the essence of the theory of the world-famous explorer?
In ancient times, the Earth is quite haunted creature from outer space. These unknown substance by a focused, artificial mutation then living on Earth hominoid turned them into creatures with human intelligence.
The appearance of space aliens on Earth reflected in the different beliefs, traditions, tales, legends, myths and fairy tales and traces can be found in religious buildings, objects and subjects.

Subsequently, the theory was developed and deepened them in eleven books. "Objective evidence of the validity of this theory has not been given — writes Däniken — I still have not managed to find on Earth objects of cosmic origin, I have not found a mummy and alcoholized space aliens, like any other remains of creatures from another Stars: Where to look for traces of aliens? We discussed this in the "society of space research in the past," — says the author. — Various models. Perhaps the message of "outsiders" from beyond the stars is encoded in human genes? .. "

Answer this question genotehnologiya future. Maybe aliens star left his message on one of the neighboring "dead" planets? This issue will be resolved in the XXII-XIII century, during future interplanetary missions. The Moon is the mysterious rock formation inside the crater Kapler (NASA — photo 67-N201) and education, it is similar to a pyramid, in the crater Lobnika (NASA — photo 72-N1327). They wrote about the American astronomer Jack Leonard. There are also rock formations on Mars, which experts call the "face of Mars" and "pyramid on Mars." "Even today, science can not give a definite answer to the question of whether these huge rock formations geological formations or man-made structures," — commented the journal «Science and Life» (USA).

There are places on Earth, which, from the point of view of logic or mathematics, would be "safe" for the messages of space aliens. For example, the poles of the Earth, the center of gravity of the continents, a stone church on the equator, which for thousands of years is considered a sacred place. On Earth, there are a large number of points that could be such a place.

"According to mythological tradition — bases his opinion Däniken — mysterious sheets agreement Israelites are now deep in the ground, under the Cathedral of St. Mary in the Ethiopian town of Axum. How are things with you? And what is the Kaaba, the sacred stone of Muslims, who, according to legend, brought to Earth from the sky winged angel Gabriel? A mysterious "metallic mirror", which in 660 BC Sun Goddess Amaterasu gave the founder of the Japanese Empire? This mirror-mystery, wrapped in several layers of a special, oil-soaked cedar of Lebanon matter, and today is within the Ise Shrine on the island of Honshu. "

Let us, and we, dear reader, with Denikenom turn to "marks" on the Earth.

What do the mysterious megalithic culture of England, Scotland, Malta? What messages are in the thousands and thousands of menhirs, orderly rows of towering in French Brittany, Crete, Sardinia? What an incredible force of antiquity built huge underground labyrinths, called Chinkanam, under the Peruvian city of Cusco? Known, at least one of the entrances to the complex underground kingdom beneath the church of Santa Domingo, but his research did nothing. What mysterious buildings once stood the fortress of the Incas near Cusco? Today there are only in the hills or polished rock fragments unusual structure. Quality polishing (apparently the car!) Amazing.

Why do people have created (?) Different cultures and eras, have had no contact with each other, the giant ground drawings that can only be seen entirely from km altitude? Widely known for the enigmatic Nazca valley patterns on the coast of Chile and Peru. Starting near the city yuzhnoperuanskogo Molendo (400 km by air from Nazca), extends into the desert Antofagasta iconic series of drawings on the rocks, the significance of which remains unclear. Under them showing figures like robots, high … 121 meters! Whose super-cutter and whose heavy-duty hand engraved these "prints"? For whom they were intended?

South-east of Los Angeles, near the town of Blythe, the Colorado River, there are great pictures of people and animals, including elephants and camels, which never in North America has not lived! From the Colorado River to the south, to the border with Mexico, and to the east, to the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Plateau, scattered thousands of so-called "Indian mounds" in the form of buffalo, birds, snakes, lizards. But most importantly, as a whole the figure they are perceived only when viewed from the air, from a certain height. "So what?" — Asks ironic reader. And then, meet specialists surveyors, without special equipment with such precision and scale of these mounds to build or add just impossible. Who worked on these huge totems? Mystery …

Signs of this type are found not only in the Americas. In England, in the county of Berkshire, near Affingtona, a drawing of the "White Horse", a length of 110 meters. It was created by removing the sod and digging trenches three meters wide and the same depth at the top of the downs. Pattern emerged in the early I millennium BC In the county of Sussex is a "pattern" length of 70 meters, which is called the "long man from Wilmington," and more of the same magnitude "of the giant Kern Abbas" a certain similarity of the helmet on the head, completely disproportionate to the body. This — in Dorset.

In Saudi Arabia, 200 miles south of Tabuk, in the rocky soil of the desert is embedded with stones and lined with a giant picture of the pyramid, passing in its top in the construction of the chimney type, divided into five equal sectors. On the "chimney" placed a large black circle with a diameter greater than the base of the pyramid. In the center of the circle is placed a large black dot. No one knows the creator of the mysterious formation, and for what it was intended in this parched desert — generally solid mystery. Only one thing is certain: this figure entirely possible to survey only a bird's eye:

According to many researchers, UFO, spirituality, all these and hundreds of other similar artifacts are not more than the evidence of contacts sverhdalekih our ancestors with the other worlds.

Author: Alexander Yevteyev

Category: UFOs and aliens

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