Alliance Marine acquires shipyard in Gomel


International holding company "Alliance Marine" completes its acquisition of shipbuilding plant in Gomel (Belarus). According to the organizing committee of the exhibition "The Ocean 2011" referring to the president of the company Igor Dubrovsky, plans for holding in the Republic of Belarus and other projects, the head of the "Alliance Marine" I talk to the International Exhibition "Ocean 2011" to be held in Moscow on December 1-3 2011.

According Dubovskoy on the acquired plants will produce small boats, patrol boats and professional judgment "river-sea" for Russia and the CIS countries.

At the exhibition presents projects for the construction of passenger vessels with ice-strengthened hull, such as a sea cruise liner Project P-306 1000 and expedition cruise ship passenger ice-class project P 307 in 1000. They are specially designed to work in harsh weather conditions of the northern seas.
Also at the "Alliance Marine" to unveil their plans to participate in the modernization program of the Northern Sea Route.

"On this issue, I will be speaking at the conference, the exhibition" The World Ocean 2011 ". We also have exciting offers, until I can not talk about it. This project is for the most part requires a partnership with the state. There is a great need for the development of this program, in connection with the provision of life of people living in the Far North "- summed Igor Dubovskii.

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